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Thread: Automata

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    Title: Automata
    Type: Manwha
    Associated title(s): Automate, 오토마타(AUTOMATA)
    Genre: Shounen, Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi
    Author(s): Kim Dazzi
    Artist(s): Kim Dazzi
    Start Date and End:
    Chapters read at the time of review: 31
    Additional Notes:
    Kim Dazzi is also the producer of another manwha entitlled Trace: Perfume.

    This manwha was recently licensed by Tappytoon. The url for it is At this moment (7/4/2014), TappyToon is slated to launch officially in the middle of this year. It's past the mid-point so they must be late.

    Short Summary:
    A microverse co-exist with reality which could be accessed by A.R. or Akashic Records. Within this microverse exist many areas called sites. Sites exist within anything that can carry an electrical current. It is by the will of A.R. that a person be made into a therapist to enter into such a world. Therapists that are beloved by A.R. are bequeathed with additional abilities. Such people are exceptionally rare and are commonly known as automatas.

    The art is uniquely refreshing and distinctly Kim Dazzi's. Kim Dazzi seems to enjoy coloring the environment dull colors which falls into a grayscale or dull warm colors. Other colors stands out vibrantly. That use of contrasting colors has a very good effect which makes the characters stand out more.

    Kim Dazzi also utilizes 3D to supplement his art work. I'm not sure if Kim Dazzi's ability to draw environments such as buildings is sub-par or if he find drawing them tedious. Maybe Dazzi's graphic designs skills are much better used to create the buildings.

    Sharena Andrew a.k.a. Sharle
    Sharena prefers being Sharle. He's a freelance therapist that takes up requests. From the information gathered from the manwha, a therapist is someone who is able to inject a his/her mind into a broken machine or the machine world called sites.

    CC Martino
    She is Sharle's tech support if you will. Her formal role is called administrator. She provides support to Sharle while he's in the machine world. This support comes in the form of "healing" and providing items such as weapons.

    Jackal Fedro
    A formiddable person of great authority and fighting prowess. He's a leader of the 3rd squad of ATMT's therapist groups.

    Varnir/Barnir Ferdinand
    The Vice-President of ATMT. He loves sucking on loli-pops.

    Think of Tron and ReBoot where there is a machine world that could be accessed by an authorized device called the therapist device. The therapist device could be a ring, ear clip, necklace, hair clip or any accessory that could be worn. This device could be worn by anyone but to fully use the item, only therapists could use it. In order to become a therapist requires skill.

    Now A.R. is a flying object that allows entry into sites. Sites are the actual machine world that takes up the characteristices of the source data such as a CD and etc. An easy example is how if the source contains information about winter, the site will be cold. If the source data contains information about deserts, the site will take upon characteristics as a desert.

    The interesting thing is that anything that carries any electrical current theoretically has a site. The size of a site also depends upon the size of the physical object in which electricity is traveling through. For instance, if all the wires within a couple neighborhood blocks are used to form a site, the site would be larger than a site made from the wires of just one block.

    The only fault I found with reading through this manwha is that information about some of the more technical stuff are revealed as the story progresses. Some of this is confusing but later, things comes together to become more understandable.

    As far as the story goes, tension is being built up from the first chapter from new character introduction, flashback, and pieces of information given from the author to the readers. I just hope that how the story pans out isn't disappointing.

    The story grew on me. I wasn't immediately awestruck but I do enjoy Automata seeing how there isn't many other works dedicated to the dynamics between reality and a machine microverse.

    I would recommend it to those that like a slower story with less action and those that has an interest in machine world such as the likes Tron, ReBoot and etc.

    Spoiler: Scenes from Chapter One show
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