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Thread: One Piece 725 Discussion / 726 Prediction

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    Re: One Piece 725 Discussion / 726 Prediction- NO CHAPTER THIS WEEK

    Quote Originally Posted by Schabrak View Post
    First things first, you are wrong.

    Dadan being a relatively "good" foster parent despite all her harshness at times doesn't take away from all those dads being poor/bad parents.
    • Yassop rather partied and drank wine and beer with Shanks while his wife was ill and suffering in bed, trying to create a positive image of her husband for her son.
    • Dragon, never took care of Luffy, never provided an upkeep, house, love, closeness, nothing. He left his son to the village.
    • Gol rather impragnated and made love to a woman, then leave her suffering for a year and more leading to her death shortly after birth, only to follow his own belief in creating a Pirate Age. Gol letting Garp take care of Ace doesn't take away a bit from his seflish behaviour, which lead to a dead women and a child who never really had a father figure. Don't forget that Gol knew that his heir would be hunted down by the marine forces and pirates alike if they learned about his true identity. He knew exactly what he had done to his son.

    All three would be looked down upon in our society, surely they would be in yours too.

    I'm not talking about men in OP, I'm talking about fathers. How about you think for yourself instead of taking everything the manga provides as cold truth. Oda not openly writing that they were horrible as "fathers" doesn't take away from them being so.
    You're just repeating yourself, trying to proof how bad those three fathers were. First, that is not the subject of our discussion, second, I already said it is absurd to use reality as a point of reference. You're just creating connections where there were none intended to be.

    Aside of that, I can only refer back to my previous post.

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    OP: Fathers

    If you got nothing to argue with, don't reply back. If I have to repeat myself more often, no problem. Dismantling nonsense if my forte.

    Let me also point out Nico's father, whom she never knew or Choppers deer parents which left him to die or Franky's parents whom left him as a little boy also, or Zoro, seemingly growing up without relatives, even Sanji or Nami, who was a victim of war. Most if not all Strawhats have grown up without their real parents. What their foster parents or nurturers did was good, but their fathers don't seem to have done any good to them in most cases.

    Quote Originally Posted by yieps View Post
    Ace began to hate his father because of his absence and legacy that isolated Ace, nothing Roger could've foreseen and prevented. It's not Roger's fault that the Marines caused a genocide and pursued Ace simply because of his blood.
    Of course he could have foreseen and prevented it, it was his damn own choice to leave his wife and unborn child alone on that island, knowing that the majority of the world would hate him and his blood for all eternity, that they would do all in their capabilities to try to annihilate his relatives.

    Quote Originally Posted by yieps View Post
    ]Anyway, further you're just dismantling the manga for its lack of realism which is absurd. As I said the manga doesn't depict fathers as a topic just because some protagonists are fathers nor does it portray their actions as failures.
    Yeah, because this manga is more than just a manga, if you don't get it by now....
    Quote Originally Posted by yieps View Post
    I disagree with you here as well but that long topic has already been discussed elsewhere.
    Elsewhere is not of interest. Point me to it please.


    Again, I made a joke about the fathers failing as fathers, you were the one to pick it up and turn it into a topic besides the alliance one.
    Spoiler show
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    Re: One Piece 725 Discussion / 726 Prediction

    I can see the topic swifted in a pretty wrong direction . I suggest we stop here . Further discussion will result in me deleting one post after the other . Thank You very much ^_^

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