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Thread: up until now, we have been just told a story

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    up until now, we have been just told a story

    Hi everyone, this is my first post in this forum, though I have been reading your theories and threads for a while now. First of all excuse me for my bad english since Im no native speaker nor I have ever learnt it properly.
    I dont know if someone has come up with this already but, given the way chapter 50 ended, I strongly believe someone has just been reading a sort of document left by the guys in 850 about what has happened up to chapter 50. The reason I think this is because from time to time, there has been a narrator telling some facts about snk world history, who I thought was there just to clarify some of the things that wouldnt be mentioned by the characters themselves and that were important to the story. But what kept me wondering is that at the beggining of chapter 2, the narrator says "it happened 107 years ago, which is common knowledge, the entire human race US excepted, was devoured to extinction". First of all, and i dont know if the translation is correct but the narrator includes himself in the world of snk as somone inside the walls. Then it is the 107 years ago thing. At first you may think that it referrs to 107 years ago from the fall of wall maria, but I believe (and im just guessing here) that the actual fall happened 102 years after the appearence of the titans. Why I believe that? Actually, im not certain about this information, but in another forum I read that the snk guidebook (if there is actually one, havent checked that infomation neither)says that the squads number(like the 104th squad) refers to the year after the "extinction" of humanity rather than the number of squads that have been formed (although this 2 numbers could match supposing that they train one squad per year, and that they have been training people since they got inside the walls). So, Eren's squad is the "104th squad". Given that he joined the military 2 years after the fall of wall maria , this would support the fact that they got inside the walls 102 years before the fall, and if aaaaall this is correct, the 107 years ago the narrator mentions in chapter 2 would mean he is telling all this in year 850, that you should now is the year snk plot is currently taking place in.
    This narrator could be the same one that finished chapter 50, and that I believe will start taking part in the story from now, if he hasnt already have (eren? mikasa? is that you?).
    But why did I say I believe this is just the reading of documents and not someone simply telling the story in 850? Because maybe they left all written "To you, 2000 years from now" (first manga chapter title )

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    Re: up until now, we have been just told a story

    Sorry to break the news, but I kind of needed to correct some things.

    Yes, you are correct that the person narrating is telling this at the year 850, but the narrator is no mystery really. It's not the same as the one narrating Ch.50. The one who's most likely narrating at Ch.50 is Krista. You guys are kind of missing out at things because the scanlations are actually missing two pages in that part for Ch.2.

    Spoiler show

    See that strange drawing under the Titan's foot? That's actually an error in scanning. That's Eren's neck down there.

    The one narrating for ch.2 is just one of the instructors during the Disbanding Ceremony.

    Here's the pages provided by Amazon+Kodansha USA. I pasted Amazon's logo just in case, I mean this is still copyrighted material and all. I'm kind of wary scanning two full pages from my copy so I just used the previews provided by Amazon. I hope they don't mind sharing it though.

    So here's the missing two pages:
    Spoiler show


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