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View Poll Results: MangaHelpers Art Contest Week 53-54 ~ Short Stories - Vampires!

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  • Utsune

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Thread: MangaHelpers Art Contest Week 53-54 ~ Short Stories - Vampires!

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    MangaHelpers Art Contest Week 53-54 ~ Short Stories - Vampires!

    MangaHelpers Art Contest Week 53-54 ~ Short Stories - Vampires!

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to the voting phase of MH's Art Contest Week 53-54 for the short stories category. Thank you to everyone who have taken the time and creativity to submit for this contest! Make sure to pick the most captivating work in your opinion. Now it's time to cast your vote in.

    Voting Details:

    • Voting will automatically be closed on November 3, 2013 at 21:00 PM (-3 GMT).
    • You may only vote once and for one of the submissions.
    • Announcement of winners and next contest and new theme will be done as soon as possible after the voting period is over.

    Entry 1: no name by Xadyu
    "I will have to leave you now, Luna. You've gone through enough hardship this night. These last few steps, you must make on your own."

    Luna didn't want him to go. The meadows were covers with thick fog. As the only discernable shape of the bridge could be traced.
    She slowly looked up and asked, "Will I see you again?".

    He faintly smiled with his eyes, but remained silent. Still holding each other, Luna felt the gentle flow of his fingers through the waves of her dark red hair.
    A sensation took hold of her. It was set off by a pleasant memory she recalled from the speedy flights over the uneven landscape. Which quickly turned into a discharge of all the stress and anxiety of that night. A strange, yet exciting feeling. As they flew down the valley. She desired to take flight forever.

    But when finally landing on the flat ground. She felt embalmed.. Embalmed by a mood of peaceful satisfaction.

    Then he left. Luna stood on her balcony and watched him disappear through the trees into the moonlight.
    The monster made a horrible screech and flapped his wings one more time, in a final dance of flight.

    The screech changed into dull grunts and slowly ebbed away.
    As the girl turned around, she noticed a trail.. a trail of blood. She gasped for air.
    She believed his trickery, but the townsfolk got him.. She believed he'd be back..

    But in the distance, as it touched the ground, it's wings and fur slowly transformed into a robe.. The black robe of a count.
    The girl started to shiver.. As if she knew.. As if she knew it was over.

    Being deeply loved by someone gave her strength, while loving someone who you deeply gave courage.

    This is the tragic conclusion from a forbidden romance of an farmer girl and a rich count.

    Entry 2: Vampires: Char the wanderer Vamp by Charlie
    Char lived for thousands of year's always wandering from place to place. No one knew from whence he came nor his ordinances. His comrades only knew that from their longest of memories and recollections, Char has always been wandering.

    Slowly over the years, tales started circulating, even amongst the inner circle of the vampire brotherhood about Char. Stories became tales of wonder and tales of wonder have become tales of legend.
    As the passage of time continued only myth and legend remained and even amongst the brotherhood, no one knew of the real Char. His real age, his real power and the reasons that pertained to his wanderings, were all but a mystery.

    One day a fellow but lesser known vampire who went by the name Tomas spotted Char in the local pub. Having been familiar with the tales of Char, he decided to use this rare opportunity to ask a question.
    What is the real reason behind your wanderings, asked Tomas. There has been many tales, lore and legends circulating about but what is the real reason for your travels?

    Char looked at him and said you know, you're the first person to have asked me this question. I don't mind answering, its not much of a secret but ever since my first wife was killed during a vampire hunt by the locals of a town forgotten by history. I've been searching for the reincarnation of her lost soul. As no one, since the time of her passing...that I've come across has been able to make half decent sammich that I can enjoy or tolerate.

    Tomas thinks to himself, bullocks, never trust another tale related to vampires!

    Entry 3: no name by Utsune
    "Oi, yer alright there fella?"

    An old, rugged voice called to him. The young man attempted to open his eyes, only to be dazzled by a narrow strip of sky enveloped between tattered brick walls on either side.

    "Thought yu'er dead. Yer might wunna fin'a shelter son, luks like it's gunna be pouring down soon." The voice chuckled.

    He had his left arm covering his eyes while his right searched for the ground, with which he supported himself, trying to sit up from the sacks of trash. In front of him was an aged man, short and stout, dressed like the typical homeless, completed with a ragged beanie over his bushy hair as well as a mess of beard that did well to compromise his crude voice.

    "...Thanks." The young man hesitated before finding the right words. He was of an average height, an average build, had short dark hair, and some leftover stubble over his chin. On top of the ordinary office worker attire, he wore a brown, knee-length nylon jacket that appeared hardly enough for the winter cold. Though under normal circumstances, one would say he was a stark contrast to the newly acquainted old man before him, the 'bed' he woke up from told otherwise.

    "Booze got'cher good, didn' it?" The senior continued. "Can't say yer can resist the best ale in town though, eh? Bet tha's where yer at, ah-hah." He nodded his head at one end of the alley as he spoke, towards the pub across the street. The young man searched his pockets, only to find some loose change and a dead phone that he did not remembering owning.

    With a sharp constant pain to every joint in his body, the young man ransacked his mind for traces of last night while surveying his surroundings, hoping something would prompt his memories, not that one can find much from the limited vision down the alley's opening: The stench of trash, the monochromatic streets, empty and soulless to reflect the greyest of skies...

    Nothing. He could not recall anything. In fact, having woken up from a not-so-standard place probably had him forget the day of the week, too.

    "Not lukin' so good, eh? Luks like yer been pukin' the colours out'uv yer. Well, do what'cher want. Ah'll see yer 'round." The bearded man snickered as he exited the alley. The young one, still slightly dazed, finally mustered the strength to get up. He followed the stranger's path, and as he entered the main street, the old man was already nowhere to be seen.

    Ignoring the unfamiliar streets, he hurried across the road to arrive at the pub entrance. "Ye Olde Hut, since 1667" was the sign above the doorway. Better cleanup at the washroom first, he thought to himself as he entered, feeling unpleasantly dirty.

    The pub was dimly lit, small but spacious. There were stairs left of the counter leading to the basement. Behind the right corner of the counter was a small area with more tables and chairs. There was the bartender facing two silhouettes, who were seated in that space. The furniture and flooring were none but wooden and ancient, eccentrically decorated as what one would expect from the antiquity of the building. The young man took his steps cautiously as he sneaked a glimpse of the two men from the corner of his eyes, but it was too dark to figure out their features.

    "Did you hear? That psychology professor from the States successfully preserved himself under incredibly low temperature."

    "Cryonics, they call it. In a foolish attempt to wake into the future. The wrath of their technology will become their undoing, I assure you." The mysterious men laughed at their own remarks as the young man silently trod across, arriving at the stairs with a sign marked "WC," pointing downwards.

    As he descended slowly, he felt a continuous surge of pain into his skull, his stomach panging from hunger. This isn't a surprise, he reasoned, I haven't eaten since last night.

    He reached the washroom door, immediately turning on the tap after entering. He bent towards the sink, splashing water into his face, cleansing it from dirt, and then took large sips after sips to drench his thirst. But no matter how much he drank, his thirst was unsatisfied. In fact, the water started to burn into his dry throat and skin.

    He turned off the tap, and proceeded to wipe the fiery moist from his face with the sleeves of his coat.

    He raised his head again to check himself in the mirror.

    There was nobody there.

    Entry 4: Decisions by Buffynut
    I’m not a villain. I’m hungry. Let me be clear about that.

    Humans should get over themselves and realize that we don’t drink them because they’re totes awesome. They’re not. They taste like crap. You see someone holding a McDonald’s bag, keep walking. They will give you hella acne.

    But if there is one truth, it is a vampire must have blood to survive. And I like to survive, it suits me.

    It wasn’t always like this. It’s not nostalgic to acknowledge that earlier times were much more enjoyable; the food, the music, the clothes. Good God their clothes. Ladies, if your ass cheeks are showing they’re not shorts, they’re underwear, and men, if your pants are tighter than mine, I will drink you. Period.

    No, there was a time when it was more fun to be a vampire. The real kind, you know? The kind that doesn’t sparkle. FYI, we don’t.

    There used to be these things called drive-in movie theaters and the humans would all meet in their cars to watch movies and, or paw at one another. It was like a blood buffet with VIP rooms.

    Before the TV was invented, they used to wander around outside at night. Not to watch movies so much, but to do more pawing. They love to paw. Sometimes I paw with them. Don’t judge me.

    But I’m not looking for anything serious right now. Keeping my options open. And you can’t date humans anyways. They have the attention span of fleas and they’re so freaking fragile. I once broke a guy’s neck while dancing with him. It was the booty grind era, things got out of hand.

    So that’s why I’m here, hungry, bored and lonely. You’d have to be to be at this show. Not even the Nsync reunion is worth this. Besides, everyone knows the band was really known as ‘Justin Timberlake and the other ones.’

    So what do you think? Honest opinion.

    Do I take the one with the foam finger and the maniacal tongue or do I take the one in the mermaid shells? Decisions, decisions.

    Entry 5: Midnight Masquerade by riki
    Mattie cried out in despair as she kept pulling at the door, which didn’t budge. Tears rolled down her rosy cheeks as she pounded angrily at the door. Why? She was so close! Approaching footsteps told her that the others were coming. Sure enough, Mattie turned around to see that the all of the vampires had formed a semi-circle, blocking her way. They stared at her with their sick smiles and bemused look in their eyes. Suddenly, some of them parted, allowing Balthazar to walk through. In his hand was the rose that she dropped. He stopped a few feet away from her and smiled triumphantly.

    “Did you actually think I was going to let you leave this place?” Balthazar sneered as he looked around the room. That was when it hit Mattie. No wonder he had locked the door and closed the window shutters! It was to prevent anyone from escaping. “Now be a good girl and come here. I promise I’ll make it as painless as possible.”

    Mattie felt sick in her stomach. Her back was pressed hard against the cold, wooden door. Was there no way to escape her fate? No, there was only one option left. Tightening the grip on the letter opener, she pointed it at her neck. “No, I rather die than became a vampire,” she declared. When Balthazar tried to take a step forward, she threatened, “Don’t you dare come near me! I’ll stab myself if you do!”

    Balthazar hesitated. No doubt he didn’t expect this outcome. Mattie felt a little relieved; with her life on the line, she knew that the vampire didn’t want to risk losing his potential wife. All of sudden, he grinned.

    “Go ahead, kill yourself,” he declared nonchalantly. “It would be a much better than going back to your mundane life. At least you don’t have to deal with your drunkard of a father and a mother who only views you as a hired hand. You don’t have to worry about being hungry or trying to earn enough money to take care of your family. If you’re dead, then you don’t have to continue living as a poor, country girl slowly wasting her life away.”

    “Sh-sh-shut up!” she screamed angrily as her hand holding the letter opener trembled slightly. Nevertheless he continued.

    “However, if you join me, you don’t have to worry about anything. I can give you whatever your heart desires: money, jewelry, anything! You name it, and I’ll get it for you. Remember how you told me that you want an education? Well, I can teach you everything that you want to know… and much more. I promise that I will take good care of you and make sure that you’ll never suffer. If you join me, you don’t have to worry about becoming old.” She jerked her head up at that revelation. “That’s right, Mattie. Once you become like me, you will never age. You can stay as that young and beautiful woman for all eternity. So what do you say? Would you rather kill yourself and waste your potential? Or would you rather join me in a life of luxury that you can enjoy until the end of time?”

    Mattie’s mind was in a whirlwind. Live a life of luxury? Never have to deal with her unbearable parents ever again? Not to mention Balthazar had promised that he would dote on her and make sure she was well-taken care of. The thought of being forever young was also tempting as well. Imagine all of those snobby girls’ faces when they saw how youthful she still was while they grew haggard and dumpy! Wasn’t what she always dream about all her life?

    Clang! She didn’t notice that she had dropped the letter open on the floor as she stared blankly right in front of her. Even though she knew Balthazar was right in front of her, she couldn’t see him. Nevertheless she could hear him come closer to her. Brushing the hair off her neck, he placed the rose in her hand and whispered in her ear, “I knew you would come around.”

    Entry 6: A rule of blood by Leoat12
    This story happened in age where the vampires ruled the world, this age was called "The Vampire's Age", none creature can surpass the strength of a vampire. However, it wasn't this way in the past when a great war exploded. Many species like werewolves, giants, witches and others fought for the rule of this world and the vampires were not a special specie, but everything changed after that day...

    "We don't have much time." said a voice in the darkness.

    "We're almost there; soon this war will end... With our victory." said another voice.

    "Seriously, why do you have so much confidence? We are walking for hours now! We, vampires, have a good resistance, but it is too much!" said another voice, this time a female voice.

    "Don't be ridiculous Helena! You don't rely on our king? He has the power to see what we cannot see. 'That' thing must be here somewhere!" said the second voice.

    "Well, if you say so..." said Helena a bit uncertain.

    They were walking in a dark road that rose up a mountain. They have been walking for almost three day now after receive a mission for the king of the vampire's clan. He said that an artefact is hidden in a mountain far from their territory, an artefact used by their ancestors to go out with a similar situation a whereby they are passing. This artefact was called "Black Blood". Finally, they reached the summit of the mountain and there they found a little dark sanctuary illuminated by black candles.

    "Finally we arrive, I couldn't walk anymore!" said Helena, now with a weak light it was possible to see that she had black hair, white skin and red eyes, as well as the other two men. One was tall and seemed the strongest in the group, and the other had a slim body, but a smart sight.

    "Stay away from there! The king warned that this sanctuary is dangerous; it has many spells to prevent that no one except vampires can take this. We have to touch it together as the king said." said the tall man.

    "I don't want to die in this place, Almor, protect me!" said Helena to the tall man, named Almor.

    "Why the king asked us to bring this frivolous girl with us? We are strong soldiers, we don't need help for a job like that!" said the skinny man.

    "I am the princess of that clan! I will have the certain to kill after this and suck your blood myself!" said Helena showing her sharp teeth.

    "Shut up you two! Gartic, you know that we need royal blood for this errand! Now, let's finish it already!" said Almor with an intimidating voice silencing the other two.

    They got close from the sanctuary.

    "Remember, if anything happen, you two protect me!" said Helena one more time. Almor just looked for the sanctuary thinking in something, but the other two didn’t notice.

    Finally, they touched the sanctuary and suddenly they were pushed into the interior of the sanctuary and disappeared completely.

    They were thrown in some kind of dark room where there were only a pedestal with an empty cup above it.

    "What hell was that just now?!" screamed Helena standing up.

    "We don't and it doesn't matter, let's go to what interest." said Gartic getting close from the pedestal and this moment shadows appeared behind the pedestal surprising the three.

    "Offer the blood that rules this world and we will make the power you need..." said the shadows at the same time.

    Almor and Gartic looked to each other and made a fast movement toward Helena holding her.

    "What are you two doing?!" said her with rage in the voice.

    "Why your father asked us to bring you together with us? Think about it in your afterlife!" said Gartic before cut her throat with a knife. Her blood spurted in the pedestal and it shine with dark light...

    "When you two arrive in the sanctuary and touch it, you will face a request... They will want the royal blood... A fresh one... Give it to them in a properly way. This is a necessary sacrifice for a bigger objective... Rule this world!"

    "Those were the words of the king for us... Sorry, Helena... Your blood will serve very well for our sake... Mission accomplished." said Almor with the cup of dark blood in his hands.

    With the same mercilessly as they cut down their alike, the vampires cut down your enemies with the power of Dark Blood and ruled the world... A rule of blood.
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