Naruto is so good at talk no jutsu not because he talks well, but because he affects people. He affected Gaara by talking to him because Naruto was able to relate to Gaara - being hated for something that was in them, but he convinced Gaara that things could change for the better when Naruto said he had friends to protect. Naruto also made Zabuza admit he loved and cared for Haku when Naruto went on an angry rant.

Orochimaru was able to get loyal followers because he promised them power and acceptance. Talk no jutsu isn't just about talking, it's about being able to convince someone one way or another. Naruto can relate to many people, or he can affect them somehow with his heartfelt speech, while Orochimaru and Kakashi know how to appeal to someone or what they want.

Hulk Hogan had a good talk no jutsu because he was able to inspire people and be a superhero. Austin was one of the bset because he could relate to people. He said things people wanted to say, he was funny, and he was real. Talk no jutsu doesn't have to be positive, like Naruto or Hogan in the late 80s, it just has to appeal to people somehow.