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Thread: Scanning in Grayscale Mode

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    Scanning in Grayscale Mode

    So I scanned my book in grayscale mode, as suggested by most of the online scanning guides, but they somehow turned out like this.

    Note: I used the photoshop cs2 import function, 300 DPI with both brightness and contrast set at zero.

    It does look normal when I scanned it a as a colour image, then converted to grayscale in photoshop.

    So which method should I use, colour or grayscale mode? If it’s the latter case, how am I supposed to adjust the settings in order for it to look like normal unedited raws?

    I should add that the 1st scan “does” look fine once levelled, but I’m afraid it won’t work out when it comes to pages with heavy gradients… Here's the levelled version.

    Would really appreciate any help, thanks.
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    Re: Scanning in Grayscale Mode

    What type of scanner are you using? If it's a multifunctional device then you won't get good results in grayscale (I've only tested HP's multifunctional devices).
    Actually, the results in color mode won't be amazing either, but they should be enough for a MQ/HQ scanlation.
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