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Thread: Claymore 145 - 146 - 147

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    Claymore 145 - 146 - 147

    Claymore 145 - Warrior Priscilla

    Priscilla: So, you are the people I (human) had bet on huh. Let's see if you're up to the job.

    Miria: Helen! Deneve! You take the flanks. I got the front. Cynthia, Tabitha, Uma I'll leave the rest to you.

    Priscilla: Hoh, three girls surrounding me on three sides while three disrupt my concentration. And, this one (points toward clare) will any time come after my back. Text book stratergy. But will it be enough.

    Helen: You will see whether it's sufficient or more than enough when we chop you to bits. Let's go everyone.

    Clare: WAIT!!

    -- everyone stops --

    Clare: Cynthia, take care of Raki. And everyone, let me go alone. Please.

    Priscilla: Hoh, you want to come alone huh. You do remember what happened last time don't you? This time I won't be hesitating or holding back you know.

    Miria: Clare. We understand your feelings, but, she is not an opponent you can take on all alone. Though she said she will be fighting with only her warrior's strength. We cannot trust her completely.

    Priscilla: Oh my! You make me sound like an evil person you know, saying things like that. But I guarantee you. I will only use my warrior days strength. But...

    -- Priscilla swiftly disappears and cuts off Helen's arm and slices her chest--

    Priscilla: That alone will be too much for you.

    Deneve: Helennn....

    -- Deneve swings down both the swords, but misses --

    Priscilla: Too slow & Too Weak.

    -- Priscilla chops off both the wrists of helen and kicks hard in the stomach--

    Miria: Damn you!! Tabitha, Uma, take care of Helen and Deneve. Cynthia, take care of that boy.

    -- Miria phantoms to the back of Priscilla and releases her attack --

    Priscilla: A Beautiful technique, but, still weak.

    -- Priscilla strikes at Miria, but suddenly steps away --

    -- Suddenly clare lands over there --

    Clare: Tch..

    Priscilla: You wait over there kid. I want to deal with you and the boy together.

    Clare: Shut up!!!

    -- Clare strikes at Priscilla but Priscilla dodges --

    -- At the same time another attack comes from Miria in the back --

    -- Priscilla dodges --

    Priscilla: As I said, it won't work.

    Miria: Damn it.!!

    Priscilla: Honestly, you people, is this all you can do? And I'm still only using my warrior days strength.

    Miria: (Impossible.. is she really that strong? if those awakened's doesn't come fast we will really be in trouble)

    -- Then a whizzing sound comes from the field --

    -- Clare has turned on the Quick Sword --

    Priscilla: Heh. That was the technique that warrior used.

    -- Miria releases her youki --

    -- Miria and Clare dashes at Priscilla --

    -- Clare strikes at Priscilla and manages to hit her --

    -- At the same time Miria comes from the behind and attacks --

    -- Priscilla fends if Clare and strikes at Miria, but the sword seemingly passes through her --

    -- Then Miria comes from the bottom and strikes Priscilla --

    -- Priscilla jumps back and blood drips from her body --

    -- Suddenly Tabitha and Uma attacks her --

    -- But --

    -- Instead Tabitha and Uma were cut down --

    Priscilla: Let's finish this.

    -- Priscilla then cuts down the approaching Helen and Deneve again --

    -- Miria and Clare strikes at Priscilla but she cuts both of them down --

    Cynthia: (Impossible. Even though she awakened. How can she be this strong when she is still in human form? Is this the warrior Priscilla?)

    Priscilla: I've thought of dealing with you later but...

    -- Clare musters her energy and again attacks her --

    -- Priscilla thrusts her hand into Clare's chest and holds her in mid air --

    Priscilla: Lets awaken you first.

    -- Priscilla synchronizes her youki with Clare --

    Clare: Aaaaaaarrggghhhhh!!!!

    -- Clare loses consciousness --

    -- Somewhere in a dark space --

    Clare: Where am I? What is this place? hurts..

    -- Clare holds her chest and looks around --

    -- Her chest again hurts --

    Clare: Aaaarrgghhh!!

    -- Clare loses consciousness again --

    -- Clare wakes up in a place where a stream is flowing nearby --

    Clare: Wha..Where am I?

    -- Clare looks around and touches her chest --

    Clare: (The pain's gone, and ) What's this place? It seems I was here...

    -- Then a voice comes from her back --

    " Hoh, it seems you still remember this place."

    Clare: (looks at that direction, but no one is seen)

    -- Again a voice is heard from another direction --

    " As usual, you suck at most simple things, use your sensing skills "

    -- Clare uses her sensing skills and looks at a direction --

    Teresa: Still doing reckless things, huh, Kid.


    Claymore 146 - The Words Unsaid

    -- Priscilla is holding Clare in the air --

    Priscilla: Hmm. Let's see where it is...

    -- A dark space --

    -- Something is moving through this space --

    -- Suddenly, a light appears at a corner --

    -- At that light source --

    Priscilla: Hoh. This is it. Such awfully small core.

    -- There is a sphere made of light shining quietly in the space --

    Priscilla: Now. Let it rampage.

    -- Priscilla touches the sphere gently --

    -- A pulse spreads through the space and Priscilla's hand gets blown away to the elbow --

    Priscilla: Wha...

    -- At the stream --

    Teresa: As usual, you always do reckless things. On that day too, you jumped down all the way from there.

    Clare: (tears in her eyes)!!

    Teresa: (smiles) It's been a long time, Clare!!

    Clare: (jumps and hugs Teresa) Teresa...Teresa!!

    Teresa: Oh boy! You didn't change at all.

    Clare: hehehehehhh. I've wanted to see you so much. I knew i would one day.....(clare rubs her face against Teresa's chest)

    Teresa: Oy oy, hold yourself, there's people watching.

    Clare: .....

    -- Clare looks around --

    Jean: Long time, Clare.

    Clare: Jean.!!!!

    -- Clare jumps and hugs Jean --

    Teresa: My my, she's still the same kid.

    Jean: Yup, she didn't change at all.

    Clare: Why? How? How are you here? Where is this?

    Teresa: Cool down, let's take it slow.

    Jean: Yeah, first of all, you should know the position you are in.

    Clare: What do you mean?

    Teresa: Priscilla tried to awaken you. But something unexpected happened so she backed out for now.

    Clare: Wha..

    Jean: Don't worry. It's fine for now.


    Teresa: Do you know, Clare, why I've tried to stay as far away from youma or organization while I travelled with you?

    Clare: ....?

    Teresa: In all my life, I've never felt happiness, never. That is, until you came into it.

    Jean: (smiles)

    Teresa: In the end, I left without saying proper goodbye and how grateful I am for everything you did.

    Clare: That's not tru...

    Teresa: Let me finish. Though you gave me so much happiness, I was never able to give you anything back. I'm truly sorry.

    Clare: ...

    Teresa: And, I really am grateful for all the things you did. Thank You.

    Jean: Yeah, me too, Clare. Even though short, you gave me real joy in the end. Thank You.

    Clare: Teresa. Jean.

    -- Suddenly a huge youki pulse shakes the space --

    Clare: wha..

    Teresa: Looks like there isn't much time. Clare, listen carefully, your friends are in real danger.

    -- Outside --

    -- After Priscilla impaled Clare, after a moment, she jumps back, with her hand which impaled Clare blown away --

    Priscilla: Just what in the world was that? My hand was blown away....

    -- Priscilla re imagines the moment when she touched the shining sphere --

    Priscilla: It was fine till the time I've only approached her core. But the moment I touched it, it destroyed me...

    -- Priscilla looks at the standing Clare's body --

    Priscilla: It's dangerous if I waste any more time. I have to deal with her now.

    -- Sudeenly a sword comes slashing at her --

    -- Then the six warriors stand facing her, with their youki unleashed while their injuries are being killed --

    Priscilla: (Tch. These persistant bit**es. If she wakes up now....)

    -- Then Clare slowly opens her eyes --


    Claymore 147 - True Abyss

    -- Clare opens her eyes --

    -- Youki starts filling up the atmosphere silently --

    -- Then everyone notices the strange happening around Clare --

    Miria: What? What's happening?

    Tabita: I don't know why but, Clare's youki is building up and steadily rising.

    Helen: Heh. Looks like she is finally shifting gears.

    Deneve: ...!!(shifting gears? really?)

    -- At the same time, in the city --

    -- Galatea sensed this phenomenon --

    Galatea: What the hell? I've never seen anything like this.

    Dietrich: What? What happened?

    Rafutela (No.10): Something big, something unimaginable is waking up.

    Galatea:......(What is this? I'm sensing Clare? What's going on?)

    -- At the site of battle --

    Helen: Hey, everyone. Lets go.

    Deneve: Wait!!! Don't move. Stay still.

    Priscilla: (Tch. Too late, huh. Fine) It seems you want to fight.

    -- Then suddenly all the youki in the atmosphere suddenly vanishes --

    Miria: (suddenly rises her eye) Everyone, runnnn!!!!!!

    -- Suddenly a slash comes at them with terrifying force --

    Miria: Shit!!!

    -- After the dust was settled --

    Helen: Wha...What the hell?

    -- There was a crack in the earth as deep and as far as the eye can see --

    -- At the side of the crack, Priscilla was standing in her awakened form, with almost her left half disappeared --

    Helen: Woah! what the hell just happened? Hey, Miria!!

    -- Helen looks at Miria, who herself is staring at Clare --

    -- Helen looks at Clare, Clare is holding her sword in the air --

    Helen: Clare? Hey, Miria! What just happened?

    Deneve: Don't you get it? Clare just swung her sword.

    Helen: Eh? No way..

    Deneve: Stay quiet for now.

    Priscilla: I've underestimated you. It seems if I don't take you seriously I really will die.

    -- Priscilla regenerates her body completely --

    -- Then suddenly there was a surge in the youki in the atmosphere, and Clare brings her sword down --

    Priscilla: Don't underestimate me....

    -- This time a slash even bigger than before engulfs Priscilla --

    -- In the space where Clare, Teresa and Jean are --

    Clare: What do you mean by my friends being in danger? Is it Priscilla?

    Teresa: Well, that girl is a danger, but their real danger, right now, will come in the form of you.

    Clare: What do you mean?

    Teresa: .......

    Jean: ..........

    Teresa: When a warrior is born, there will be an encounter between the will of human and the youma parasite.

    Teresa: And for the youma, there are only two outcomes acceptable, domination or mutual agreement, but there is no space for subjugation.

    Clare: .......!!

    Teresa: The thing is, this outcome doesn't have any considerable effect on warriors powers or functions.But..

    Teresa: (narrows eyes) It will be the deciding factor during awakening.

    Clare: What do you mean?

    Teresa: When a normal warrior awakens, they will become a normal awakened being. In the case when a warrior was able to reach full maturity, like all single digits, when they awaken, if the outcome of the previous encounter was domination, then they will become a high level awakened..

    Teresa: If the otucome was mutual agreement, then due to the extraordinary development of powers, they will far surpass other warriors and awakens to levels that are worlds apart..and , these being were later called Abyssal beings.


    Teresa: So far in the history, the only people who were able to achieve this feat has been only No.1's.

    Jean: Were you wondering about Priscilla? Her case is a little different..

    Teresa: Yes, Sadly, the outcome was tightly bound to the past of the warrior. The more troubled the past, the more powerful, the warriors had become. But, Priscilla's past was so twisted that, her awakening was at a level above the abyssals.

    Clare: (about to speak something)

    Teresa: However. There was one warrior who was able to bring a different outcome by subjugating the youma. She possessed a power so great that, she alone could equal the whole world. She was a True Abyss. That was you, Clare.

    Clare: What?

    Teresa: Yes. Your power is so great that, as you grew, if not for certain events, you would've awakened a real nightmare on this world.

    -- At the site of Priscilla and others --

    -- Priscilla was lying on ground with her eyes wide open --

    -- More than half of her body was decimated --

    Priscilla: Shit! what the hell are you?


    Claymore 148 - The Forged Path

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    Re: Claymore 145 - 146 - 147

    Someone has to make manga out of this.
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    Re: Claymore 145 - 146 - 147

    OMG gj really gj well I like it.. More like Naruto's style and a fix of Fairy Tail and Bleach but still not bad.. GJ and keep it up

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    Re: Claymore 145 - 146 - 147

    You kind of forgot about Cassandra, who is really close by. Otherwise, I liked it.

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    Re: Claymore 145 - 146 - 147

    Hey mate, great job, really liked this , it felt like claymore, though I admit I wouldn't like this to actually happen, since I hope they don't just forget the other claymores in Rabona and don't want Clare gaining some Deu Ex Machina, still nice job!.

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    Re: Claymore 145 - 146 - 147

    NO Octavia....but still good *O*"

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    Re: Claymore 145 - 146 - 147

    I could draw you my prediction of those chapters, but you people woudn't like a single bit
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