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Thread: Favorite Anime of 2013

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    Re: Favorite Anime of 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaiten View Post
    They didn't really have anything in common, other than both having (very different) Maou's. I don't understand the basis of comparison
    That's basically my point and what I didn't manage to formulate, I expected something with some similarities and it was totally different, I enjoyed one more than the other.

    To end the off-topic with it, it's pretty much every-time the same thing every-time, I have a friend, I ask him what's good to watch, he tells me :

    Go watch [Maoyuu, Ano Hana, Hyouka] ! (pick one, he recommended me all of them)
    I come back and say "Love it, before I finish it can you give me another cool one ?"
    Okay now go watch [Hataraku, Angel Beats, Boku wa Tomodachi] it's a bit similar...

    So this way you just end up disappointed and have a tendency to compare them to the previous one, which made me think that. Hopefully Hataraku and Angel Beats redeemed themselves when I finished them, maybe I wasn't that much in the story for Hataraku. By the way, Boku wa Tomodachi ga sukunai is totally different from Hyouka and well, I don't even know why he recommended it to me.

    I should never listen to his recommendation again. (what I thought after Boku wa tomodachi)

    Epilogue : a few weeks before this post, "You liked Hataraku Maou-Sama, you should watch Yuusha Ni Narenakatta." And I followed his recommendation, the result :

    I think now I'm like this people saying "I'll never buy EA games again" and still ending up buying the last Battledibs 4 or whatever...

    Epilogue of the epilogue : I haven't bought an EA game since 2011, achievement get "EA nope, it's in the DLC's"

    I managed to totally derail my own post.
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