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Thread: The Flower

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    The Flower

    Has anyone else noticed the flower that shows up occasionally with Eren? I'm sure it HAS to have some kind of significance.

    The flower I'm talking about first shows up in the very first episode while Eren is dreaming (blood gets splattered on it and after a few more sequences, he eventually wakes up).
    It also shows up when Eren protects Armin and Mikasa from the cannon. Randomly, that flower is just on the ground in the middle of body...Armin even notices it and mentions it.
    You also see it again in episode 22 on the ground when Eren is dreaming again in his home district.

    I'm sure you see it more times that that but those are the only ones I can think of distinctly off the top of my head. Curious what everyone's thoughts are about it.

    Note: this is from the anime only (i'm up to date with the manga as well)

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    Re: The Flower

    Welcome, JxK. It's been discussed here now and then, but I think most of the time people ignore the flower since it's anime-only. The two meanings I recall people discussing, however, are that it might (especially if you only consider the anime's content and not the manga) represent life-- Eren is in a field of countless such flowers, the first time we see him, when Shiganshina is still a safe and peaceful district -- and that they may be a reference to the one-shot/prototype of the manga, which has also been published. (There is a thread for the one-shot on page 4 or 5 of the SnK section...)

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    Re: The Flower

    The Flower is also present in the intro lyrics

    when the sing about the titans - the flower that you thoughtlessly trampled
    so the flower pretty much represents the loved ones that were lost
    to the titans as well as their peacefull childhood to me.

    Since the Titan transformation has quite a bit to do with
    emotions and the mental state of a person the flower also
    goes along quite well - we see Eren dreaming about his
    home when he does he's first planned transformation to retake Trost.

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