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Thread: The Translation/Interpretation Thread : Shingeki No Kyojin Edition

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    The Translation/Interpretation Thread : Shingeki No Kyojin Edition

    Okay, it's been a while since I wanted to create a thread such as this one, a thread, where everyone is free to ask for guidance through translation, a place where you finally can ask this question haunting your mind and cripling your spirit...

    I think I overdid it... Again...

    As everyone know, English culture is a low context culture (implying that it's a language with a low level of context) and Japan has a high context culture (implying that it has a language with a high level of context), and as everyone know (again), low context is equal to not a lot of implied stuff because almost everything is said with the words, high context is equal to the meaning of what you say is influenced by everything surrounding it...

    Low context and high context cultures

    And this is where Shazbot hits the fan : it makes the translation harder for the poor guy having to make a text fitting a tiny speech bubble (or subtitles) and not loosing to much in the idea...

    The quality of scanlations can be really poor because of that BUT (with one T please) even the official translations cannot put everything in it, sometimes you need a full paragraph to explain eveything in a simple bubble (in some really uncommon cases).

    That's when this magnificent forum comes into play, we have people speaking japanese here (I can understand sometimes that there is a problem in the translation but I cannot find the answer alone because I only go with my instinct to guess if there is something wrong or not translated but lying behind)... It's kind of a thread to ask the people knowing stuff better than us in Japanese guidance and what could be implied by a sentence and the actual full meaning there is which cannot fit in a "live" translation(stuck to the media be it paper or animation, subs, scanlations, etc..).

    So I start with my own question, but after that, I think we can use this thread to answer a lot more question than this one... And maybe formatting all the request a certain way, can help the people helping us to help ourselves (INCEPTIOOOOON)...

    My question :

    Media :
    Anime (translated by wakanim so I have a french translation)
    Episode/chapter : 25 (Anime only)
    Time/page : 4min 16 seconds (1min 40 seconds after the opening)

    Armin, Jean and Zoe on a rooftop :

    The french translation we have :
    Spoiler show

    Translated in English :

    Line 1 ( Jean) : If she turned herself into a titan, she must have prepared herself for the worse.
    Line 2 (?????): It will not be that easy.
    Line 3 (Armin): The result of a fight does not rely on willpower alone.
    Line 4 (Armin): You should know it, Jean.
    Line 5 (Armin): To surpass Annie more is needed than that.

    So my question is double, who said line 2 (because the subtitles appears when Jean is speaking but stays when Armin speaks, so it's unclear), and what is Armin implying in line 4 ? (well it seems that he implies something , because of the face Jean is making in reaction to it)

    That's it, thank you in advance.

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    MangaHelper 英雄メンバー / Eiyuu Menbaa / Hero Member kannazuki's Avatar
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    Re: The Translation/Interpretation Thread : Shingeki No Kyojin Edition

    Looks like wakanim probably made a mistake there. Jean is saying Eren (not Annie) should be able to win since he (finally) became a titan. Armin is the one saying it's not that easy, and that Jean should realize it, since Eren hasn't beaten her before (either as a human or as a titan for that matter).

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    Re: The Translation/Interpretation Thread : Shingeki No Kyojin Edition

    Btw. in what level is the progress of the official translation? Cuz the "fans" translations are not as well understandable in some points. I mean something is not right and we might have few answers within our range. Need to re-read few chapters.

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