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Thread: Manga Adaptations of Western Works: Good or Not

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    Manga Adaptations of Western Works: Good or Not

    So I was just wondering how people feel about these. I occasionally see these pop up from time to time, like the manga version of Sherlock, Sneewittchen - Geschichten nach Grimm (adapations of Grimm Tales), and a few more, but always am interested to check them out to see how these new authors and artists add their own twist to things (some loosely and some others rather accurately).

    Are they a waste of time and should one stick with the originals. I think they have a nice place, but some become a bit too ecchi and etc to make the original works kind of put in a bad light.

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    Re: Manga Adaptations of Western Works: Good or Not

    Creating manga out of Western works provide a good source of promotion for the series because it will attract audiences who otherwise wouldn't pay attention to them. A lot of us know just how passionate Japanese fandom can be about something so they would want to see that same energy towards their show/book/film as well. Harry Potter is hugely popular in Japan, and it's possible that creators of Western entertainment would like to see similar success. (I'm only talking about contemporary forms of entertainment as opposed to traditional ones like Grimms' Fairytales or Shakespeare.)

    I guess "whitewashing" isn't the right term in this scenario, but I wouldn't want something similar to happen with the Japanese adaptation. For example, they shouldn't try to incorporate moe or yuruchara to something that has nothing to do with them.

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