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Thread: English Manga Kickstarter Project - Tomagan

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    English Manga Kickstarter Project - Tomagan

    There exist a combat medical school on the big island of Hawaii that young aspiring doctors dream of attending.

    I ask you to join the team, and become part of the next evolution of comics and manga by creating the crowd-funded, action English language weekly manga - Tomagan

    Full Synopsis:

    There exist a combat medical school on the big island of Hawaii that young aspiring doctors dream of attending. For Fourteen year old Kun Tomagan, this dream may become reality, but first he has to pass the Medical Academy's highly selective entrance exam. As Kun gets a first hand experience on the inner workings of the school, he finds out this exam is truly life or death.
    The Goals of This Kickstarter:

    The main goal of why you should back, and the primary goals of Tomagan as a comic is I strive to publish Tomagan as an action based manga that is an original four volume action thrill ride with a defined beginning and ending.

    As a professional English work, we will create an enjoyable, exciting experience for our young, primarily (Shonen) male readers, following the key principals of:


    Hard work


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    Re: English Manga Kickstarter Project - Tomagan

    The rewards are pretty terrible so theres really no incentive to even pledge money to it, I mean, even at $100 youre getting nothing physical that relates to the series and would we really want the artists caricature in cartoon form (whom well no one really knows who they are).

    I think the English writing could be touched up as well as it doesnt really flow all that well written in the actual writeup for this kicstarter project. Additionally $20,000 sounds pretty high. What is really setting this apart from the tons of people already doing their own free manga and comics on their own web interface that are, arguably, a bit more quality and polished than this?

    I think if this went the free route first and etc and showed more pages then it could be something to potentially be on the watch list but for the price of this, pledging money to something unproven, its a really unappealing endeavor.

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