MangaHelpers Art Contest Week 61-62 ~ Letters to Santa (writing)!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the voting phase of MH's Art Contest Week 61-62 for the writing category. Thank you to everyone who have taken the time and creativity to submit for this contest! Make sure to pick the most captivating work in your opinion. Now it's time to cast your vote in.

Voting Details:

• Voting will automatically be closed on December 29, 2013 at 21:00 PM (-3 GMT).
• You may only vote once and for one of the submissions.
• Announcement of winners and next contest and new theme will be done as soon as possible after the voting period is over.

Entry 1: All Faust Want For Christmas by FaustXIII
Dear Santa,

My mother is not staying at home right now with us because her aunt requested her assistance since last year. I hope she will be able to spend the holidays with us together with our whole family and relatives here in Cavite.

My father who's getting old is now having a hard time with his job. He may not show it but I think he's lonely because my mother is not around. I hope he'll feel better and that my mother's aunt will let my mother to stay with us again as soon as possible. I miss having a mom around.

My brother is in his rebellious puberty age. Help him overcome this stage and hopefully he will do the right things.

Thank you for giving my grandmother a good health. I hope I can buy a gift for her this Christmas.

Please let my Aunt Macaria to stay longer. Hope she'll have a better health. Her family needs her. And her grandchildren are still too young.

I'm in my last semester of my 4th Year of College. I hope I will be able to pass all of my subjects and graduate in time. I hope to find a job as soon as possible to help my family. I don't rush things about having a girlfriend. I hope she'll come to my life at the right place and at the right time. I will love her forever whoever she may be, our future kids and grandkids as well. I wish to live long enough to love and take care of them all.

I wish for good health to my family and friends. I hope our love to continue and never die.

Thank you for all of the blessings we received this year, the past years and the years to come.

PS: Don't let your elves overwork.


Entry 2: no name by Xadyu
Dear Santa,


(I don’t want to
tell you this again)


(Maybe I’m not good enough..)

Everyone, out there..
is looking for someone
is finding their someone
I am tired of picking pieces from my heart
I am tired of the constant sorrow, I’m --

(I’m a little lonely a lot
but you were never the one to tell)


Tired of seeing happiness
Seeing the leftovers getting scrapped
(I want to be found, be found, but..
my heart just wants to get out)

I want what I want..

(But I want more..)

Talking is hard
Life pushes on my chest
Whispers in my ear

(I am drowning)

Any more of this and I quit
I can’t breathe..

Maybe this is where this poetry comes from,
the sorrow I now feel safe in
the writing I now feel secure in..

Maybe if I just went to sleep.
And slept, slept..


Maybe then I would feel better.
I have been waiting to long.
Maybe I just was never wanted?
But I have to tell someone how I feel.

It’s customary for people to write you.
Ask you.. Tell you..
Even though you are imaginary..
There’s a pressure on my chest,
a pressure that lost a bit of it's weight..

No wishes,
No questions
No demands
(I've been waiting to long.
Maybe I just was never wanted?
But I have to tell someone how I feel.

Lately.. I've been feeling..)

Thank you.


Entry 3: All Char Want For Christmas by Charlie
Dearest Santa C

Santa C - Char has been a good grown up this year but Char have been a little naughty this X mas! ->>>>>>>>>>>>^^
Santa C - all Char wants for this X-mas is a perfect woman, one who don't mind Char's many-faults.
Santa C - she don't have to be the prettiest in the world, smartest in the world, strongest in the world, etc.. (what is the etc - you ask?).
Santa C - If she happens to be an Elf (hey what up elf girl) - I'll give her my name, haha.

So please, do it right this year, Santa C & as usual, I'll leave the beer and cookies at the usual place.
- Char is getting kind of tired of it all.