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Thread: I need an artist

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    I need an artist

    Hi, I'm new here so I hope this is the right place to post this, but anyway as the title said I need a manga artist.

    I'm looking for a writer/artist partnership that would hopefully be long term.
    The drawings don't have to be amazing just good enough to understand what's going on in the panel.
    I don't have a time limit that I need to reach but I do have a lot of chapters in mind.

    I have almost the entire series in ideas and quite a few of them scripted so I could easily translate it into a storyboard.

    I'd like to create a gritty detective fiction where mysteries are solved. For manga lovers think a more real crime version of Detective Conan where the criminal doesn't always confess at the end. The closest media idea I can think of to match it would be LA Noire (video game fans).

    The series revolves around a girl who is 22 and recently moved to Metro City (A bigger more grand version of New York) who solves crime that interest her. She is a private investigator and I am going to incorporate many different kinds of cases that range in challanges from serial killers to public corruption and everything in between. She sees more than anyone else does and can almost recreate a crime in her head from what she sees. Our protagonist is 1/4 African American, 1/4 Lebanese, and half Japanese. Also she has kind of a Yoruichi flirtatious/angry personality .

    Let me know if you are interested at all,


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    Re: I need an artist

    Could u send me a name it can be stick figures and ill send u my finished. Work so u can give me feedback we can partner up if u like it I to won't my work published but don't know how to start what I have written for chapter . I can do . Series
    Challengers. Ar a thausand years to early

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