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Thread: Bleach Hopes and Expectations for 2014

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    Re: Bleach Hope and Exceptation 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Sky Render View Post
    I hope the fan bitching will stop or decrease.

    I expect the fan bitching to continue or increase.

    Some interesting fights, not the current one right now

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    Re: Bleach Hope and Exceptation 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by FetherMan View Post
    The Soul King being a villain...?. That's actually quite interesting.

    I hope, were done with Aizen. I don't miss him at all. And I do remember also, from that Jump Festa interview, that Kubo mentioned how those beings that Mayuri found in Szayelaporro's secret chamber would become a major factory in this final arc.

    Where are those guys...?.
    I've been wondering the same thing for ages. And I hate it to break it to you but the chances that we are done with Aizen are nearly nonexistent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico Brown View Post
    I want to see the Royal Guard in action. I mean even when Soul Society had been fucked over by the first invasion they didnt really seem to care too much about it or a strong person like Yamamoto dying. So that leads me to believe they still have things "under control" and arent too hasty about taking down Bach.

    I do like the idea of them turning out to be villians, it would make a lot of sense as to why they are so carefree and atm are just watching the destruction go on.
    Yeah I have a feeling they could end up playing the same role the Patch Tribe does in the last arc of Shaman King. That would make for a great arc, especially if it caused a divide amongst the Gotei 13 and some captains sided with the Soul King and others didn't. It would just be like back in Soul Society arc where Ichigo's goal caused the captains to fight each other.

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    Re: Bleach Hope and Exceptation 2014

    1. RG's to fight
    2. Soul King to appear in an epic way.
    3. Yhwach, Yamamoto flashback
    4. A major death for a huge plot twist (i'm going with Ishida)
    5. Bleach seeing an anime announcement
    6. Bleach constantly ranking in the top 5 or 7 of the TOC
    7. Better drawings from Kubo. The latest CP kinda disappointed me with the unfinished outlines. Maybe that's what Kubo was going for but I want more impressive drawings. Kubo is among the best in JUMP right now (at least when it comes to character art).

    1. Good story reveal. Let's face it, this arc has been quite unpredictable. With the Zangetsu(which was amazingly done by Kubo), the Isshin flashback, Aizen's role in the flashback, the RG's, the fact that Unohana was the first Kenpachi, the defeat of captains like Zaraki and Byakuya, the appearance of Grimmijov, the way the 2nd invasion happened (taking over Seritei completely), Yamamoto's death and his bankai. Komamura's new bankai, Renji's new bankai. So I believe Kubo will continuing doing a good job in making things unpredictable. Especially with Ishida being on the bad side. It might make for some good new twists.

    2. Maybe an anime announcement by the end of the year. Bleach isn't like other series that have had their anime cancelled. Bleach is TV Tokyo's 3rd highest seller even in the year it did not have an anime (2013). Bleach, as a manga, has sold over 84 million copies (6th highest in JUMP) and might even touch 100 million by the end of its run. So, it isn't like any other series that got its anime cancelled. Bleach's manga sales are still among the highest in Japan. 750k as an initial print for a volume is by no means a small amount. And the only reason Bleach never charted in the top 10 in 2012 and 2013 is because it sold just 4 volumes both the years. Otherwise, it'd have been 8th or 7th in both years.

    3. Some bankai might get off screened in a chapter again, like Rose's. Hope he doesn't do it but it might happen.

    4. The bankai of Urahara, Isshin, Ichigo, Hisagi, Byakuya. Kenpachi's Shikai.
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