I need a manga artist to draw a bunch of pages of pictures (maybe 30-40 pages to start out) for a sci-fi manga webcomic that I'm working on. The manga has a star-wars style setting, a dark tone, and an epic storyline about the battle to preserve knowledge and do justice in the galaxy. I'm in the process of writing the script for the first few chapters, and I've got the overall plot sorted out.

The plot for the manga itself is below.

For many ages, the Usari sector of the Milky Way galaxy was ruled by a mighty nation known as the Great Sekari Empire. The nation was a major military power, and a great center for arts, knowledge and culture that spanned many planets. They worked to do justice, and attracted many immigrants from smaller empires. This nation's citizens enjoyed their freedoms in a golden age of culture and peace, which lasted many millennia.

But nothing lasts forever. Eventually, the Great Sekari Empire became torn apart by political conflict. The nation became politically polarized, and endured a civil war in which trillions of innocent lives were lost on thousands of planets. Eventually, the Great Sekari Empire collapsed. Many smaller nations rose, many lasting for only short amounts of time, as the remnants of humanity tried their best to pick up the pieces and form a new future for the Usari Sector. Much of the knowledge of ages past was forgotten. It was the beginning of an uncertain, new age in which humanity's destiny would be shaped. A new official calendar was made, starting at year 1.

In time, society regained its footing. About 158 nations now exist in the Usari sector. They fight their wars, they have their golden ages, and new ones come and go. Some of these nations become beacons of freedom, while others become dictatorships.

In one of these nations, a 17-year-old boy named Ukuzi Inkanyezi is about to discover that his destiny lies not as a brainwashed citizen of the Coronasi dictatorship, but as a warrior who fights for justice among the stars. He is going to be rescued, and then become a galactic nomad, in which he will patrol the galaxy with his fellow nomads, fighting for the values of justice, knowledge, and peace. Nomads don't fight for any one nation. Each squad fights for what they believe is right, and works behind the scenes to help in battles against evil forces.

And along the way, Ukuzi will learn not just of the galaxy's current strife. He will help uncover dark secrets about humanity's past, shape humanity's future, and explore many different types of societies in many different planets. Wherever he goes, he will have allies in his squadron, and they will all share the common goal of fighting for justice. This is the life of a galactic nomad.