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Geez, some people are expecting the Yonkou to be defeated this year, you guys are insane to me, they haven't even really been introduced and I figure we are maybe at the half way point of the Dressrosa Arc, but oh well. These guys are the most powerful pirates in the world, I doubt they'd lose to luffy so early in the New World, but eh at least your expectations are interesting.

I expect the Dressrosa Arc to take up the entire year pretty much, or at least half of it and then we'll go drop off Momonosuke and Kinemon at Wano Kuni, and start that arc.
I guess most people didnt understood the meaning of this topic. So instead of "What do you expect 2014" they answered like the topic said "what do you expect in new world" or "what do you expect to happen until the Manga is over" or something like that.