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Thread: PairPuri and Prince of After School translation

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    PairPuri and Prince of After School translation

    Hi, I'm new in this website so I'm sorry if I really don't understand anything about the process of manga translation.

    I am fans of PoT for almost 8 years and it is the best anime ever for me. Its kinda sad that I can't read Japanese and PoT has so many games and manga with just japanese versions. :')

    So I want to ask, does anyone know how can I request for the translation (with scan) of PairPuri and Prince of After School? I know there was translation of PairPuri in livejournal but I also want to read with the scanlation that already translated to english. And it is almost 6 months since the last translated chapter of Prince of After School in mangafox.

    Once again, I'm sorry if maybe I ask something wrong, but anyone please let me know if you can answer my question. Thank you!

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    Re: PairPuri and Prince of After School translation

    I'll try and keep you posted on this.
    I'll dig around a little.

    You can't really request for a translation of more PairPuri's since it just isn't going to happen for now.
    Maybe towards the end of this year possibly.

    Keep your hopes down. In the nicest way possible.

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