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Thread: Help/Advice for Newbie Redrawer

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    Help/Advice for Newbie Redrawer

    Good day ladies and gentlemens,

    is a pleasure to meet you all and hope you could advise and help me out in the future.
    Yes i am noob with no pre-experience in scanlation works, editing..uhm redrawing stuff ?
    Sorry, even the technical specifications names for this field of work is unknown to me.
    Please this too, help me out.

    My goal is to be a Redrawer or however the name is.
    Got PSD experience and can draw (yrs of experience here)

    So my humble self is asking all the ladies and gentlemen here what need to do to achieve that goal ?


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    Re: Help/Advice for Newbie Redrawer

    As to the terms - here's a quick position overview: You'll get the terms by replacing "ers"/"ors" with "ing" ^_^;

    But I'm not sure what it is you're asking - you can draw, you're familiar with Photoshop (or another image editing software) and you want to be a redrawer (just draw back the missing parts), yes?
    Then the only thing you need to do to achieve that goal is to apply to the team you want to join and pass their skill test. That's it.

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