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Thread: The SmokeFilledSkies thread

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    The SmokeFilledSkies thread

    Hi guys! I'm happy to be able to translate for anyone here who needs it! I'll keep this short and sweet.

    I've been studying Japanese for about 2 years and I love it. If I had to judge, my current skill level would be about mid-advanced. I'll translate practically anything you can give me (Except for Yaoi or creepy gore hentai) and have it done within a week.

    I love to translate and hope to do it a lot as a fun way to practice and improve my Japanese, and hopefully, someday make a career out of translating.

    My only limitation is that I can't take too many series on at once, I don't have enough time to TL for 3-4+ series a week, but I'll do my best with whatever anyone gives me!

    Thanks a lot for reading through this and happy translating!
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    Re: The SmokeFilledSkies thread

    Hello. Nice to meet ya. I assume that you don't have trouble with shonen or seinen stuff?

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