Spoiler** do not read if u haven't read fishman arc.

Hi guys im a newbie here and a very big fan of OP. Once i thought of something it will stay in my head for a long time so i signed up for manga helpers just to let out every single thought i have about one piece fish man island arch. Sorry for being an idiot if ever im in the wrong disscussiin room :'(

I just finish watching this arc. And it made me realise a few things.

1. Madam Shirley's foretelling bout straw hat destroying the island
2. Joy boy
3. Shirahoshi the ancient weapon poseidon
4. The sea kings to pull noah's arc
5. Noah's arc the ship of promise
6. The promise time

I think this six will be connected to what's gonna happen in OP future chapters.
I think the reason luffy will destroy the island have something to do about discrimination again and that the Noah arc will be use for the citizen of fish man island to transport into the land above... Has anyone ever has the same thought?