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Thread: The Oblivion Theory

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    Berserk - Band of the Hawk The Oblivion Theory

    Warning: This theory has spoilers for the move "Oblivion" If you still want to watch it, please avoid this thread.

    ~Hello Everyone,

    I've been here for a few months now, checking for chapter updates and what everyone was theorizing about what is exactly going on in this manga we all love soo much. I had the pleasure of watching the movie Oblivion today that starred Tom Cruise. First thing I noticed was how two people were set in a scenario of a uninhabitable earth with enemies known as "skavs". This reminded me of the human versus titan issue. In the film, he would take his ship out and fly to a broken droid and repair it which reminded me of how they go for repairing the walls. Essentially mid way through the movie, he flies around and goes near a perimeter that says caution, you are close to the high radiation zone which his partner says would kill him instantly. Afterwords, he is captured by these skavs which turn out to be humans all along. The aliens were them. He says if you want the truth you seek, go past the radiation barrier. Eventually they get there, and he meets a copy of himself. I was zoo shocked when the scene happened. First guy introduced in the story had a number 49 and the other guy was 52. What had me thinking was, what if Eren recently getting memories and flashbacks of people he doesn't know is because he's a clone. What if the result of clones dying are titans? One thing I thought about was why history is so important. Why would they care zoo much if she was resented zoo much in her childhood. Historia is a clone of her own mother. An abomination and one that the royalty would keep running the family blood. Now, another case would be history was actually the first natural birth that happened since the cloning process and that broke a rule that caused the mothers death. I have a lot of more research to do but I will definitely edit with links and more thoughts after I've gone through some more chapters again. Let em know what you guys think and anything you might add.

    Thanks so much!

    ~Master Samurai

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    Re: The Oblivion Theory

    I think the idea of cloning is interesting considering
    that Titans are most likely the product of some advanced
    Giant trees could be some left-overs of early stage testing.
    For me these ideas have a Star Trek DS9 Dominion Wars vibe.

    Another idea why Eren Has these kind of memories i'd
    like to throw in could be that he escaped into the walls
    together with his father so Eren as a titan-shifter
    would be able to live a peaceful live.
    And the serum we saw his father injecting Eren with
    wouldn't allow him to turn into a Titan but restore his
    memories that he had tempered in order for
    Eren to have a normal childhood on second thought that's
    not so likely but coming back to cloning the memories
    could be some sort of guidance program included into
    the titan-shifter package.
    Of course these theory has flaws like Grisha allowing
    Eren to join the survey corps on the fly (though this
    might mean little since it happened on the morning of
    the attack and it's likely he knew that it would happen)
    I might also add that i think that RAB expected a titan
    shifter to appear in Trost when it did not
    they decided to infiltrate to seach for the coordinate.

    Edit: PS I noticed the Berserk sign so i remembered another
    idea considering recent developments in Berserk's world.
    Spoiler show

    really not much of a Spoiler but just to be on the save side,
    don't want to spoil this great thing for anyone
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    Re: The Oblivion Theory

    Hmm. I thought this would be more about the worlds being similar than the clones-with-memories-intact aspect. Grisha specifically tells Eren when he injects him that (a) he will have memory loss, but also (b) "their memories" will guide him. We don't know who "they" are, but it seems at the least "they" should not the same person as Eren. Can you explain some more about what in the manga chapters you believe might indicate there are clones of Eren or other titans/shifters out there?

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