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Thread: SnK Factions

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    SnK Factions

    Spoilers ahead! We know there's several factions at play in SnK. Here's a place to try and sort it all out.

    Just started on this forum. Looks like there's been some good groundwork laid on this that I'm repeating. Props to those people who posted good insights already.
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    Re: SnK Factions


    Shingeki no Kyogin Faction Theories


    “Warrior’s” Hometown Beyond Wall Maria Faction
    - Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie (hence known as RBA) are all Titan-Shifters and are all from the same hometown OUTSIDE wall Maria.
    -They all shift into SKINLESS Titans. (IMPORTANT!)
    -IMPORTANT: The Titans within the Walls are Skinless as well.
    -They all stress that its important to become a warrior.
    -They are all sympathetic to humans, and seem to actively hate/regret what they are doing to hurt the people within the walls.
    - Annie’s dad trained her in hand to hand combat, presumably for her current mission.
    - R&B (lol, no pun intended) both seem concerned about Annie’s supposed torture, and think of her as a colleague.
    -Mindless/Funny Face Titans are still a danger to RBA. They seem to attack RBA, with as much lust for consuming them as humans.
    -Given this, its not well understood if the Funny Face Titans were “following” Annie’s commands. Equally possible that when Annie breaches the Recon formation, Funny Faces were just following her hoping to have a snack, at which point they just happen to run into a bunch of humans on horseback which they ate instead.
    -Annie may not have been “calling” the Funny Faces to eat her, as much as letting them know where to find a meal and taking advantage of that chaos.
    -R&B seem intent on getting as deep into the city as possible in a Military Police assignment until they hear Commander Erwin’s speech about Eren’s basement. They change to the Survey Corps soon after.

    Ymir’s People Faction
    - Evident by the fact that she is a Titan-Shifter outside the wall, it seems that she is from a different place outside Wall Maria.
    -Ymir seems to turn into a different type of titan (Henceforth known as Beast Mode Titans, lol). While still humanoid, she has skin but looks far more beastly than Skinless Titans and is far smaller. Despite its size, superficially its closer to Eren’s Titan, ears and all.
    -Ymir knows a language that seemingly comes from beyond the walls, but possibly before the walls. Reiner either knows the language too and is trying to cover up his knowledge, or he doesn’t know, but realizes who/what Ymir must be.
    -Important fact not to overlook. The walls are completely inland and no one has heard of a salty ocean in a hundred years, yet the two of them are talking about HERRING. Freshwater herring are extremely rare, and given that the story takes place in a landlocked Central Europe (most likely) they shouldn't know what a herring is. The fact that they are talking about herring is a test to one another in which each person subtly reveals who they are. Ymir reveals who she is by being able to read the language and knowing what a herring is, and Reiner by not asking what a herring even is reveals he is from beyond the walls. This also tells us that the factions beyond the wall are fully aware of the oceans and have access to them. The factions also have regular contact with people within the walls, to the point that they deliver food tins to people at Castle Utgaard.
    -R&B and Ymir strike a deal to make an alliance, suggesting that they weren’t previously aligned and aware of each other, so they are not from the same place outside the wall, and their missions are different.
    - Its not clear if Warrior Hometown and Ymir’s People are at odds.
    -Ymir’s attachment to Historia may represent her alignment with noble factions within the walls.

    Ape Titan Faction
    - Ape Titant (henceforth known as Apey) appears not to have had contact with humans for some time, since he doesn’t know about 3DMG.
    - Apey is not on the same side as Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie, as the titans he commands also attack RBA.
    - The relationship between Apey and Ymir is not yet defined, but Apey’s Funny Face Titans did attack Ymir, suggesting they are not on the same side either.
    Apey speaks a language no one understands, and Ymir reads an unknown language off a herring can. Its possible the languages are the same or are two different languages.
    - Apey also appears to have solid command of the titans, which outpaces any influence Ymir might have.
    - Apey has pointy ears, just like Eren and Ymir’s beastly titans!
    - Apey has little regard for human life, unlike RBA who are at least sympathetic, or Ymir who appears to be in love with Historia.
    - Apey has better Titan tech. He can create Titans at will, and his Titans operate a nighttime without any problems.


    The Coordinate
    Possibility 1: The coordinate is simply a center of focus for the Titans.
    - Evident by the aberrant Titan that worshipped the Recon Soldier as Ymir, it seems that Funny Face Titans are aligned to some degree with Ymir’s faction.
    - Strangely however, Funny Face Titans attack Ymir at Castle Utgaard, so their reverence of Ymir and her people does not influence them as much as Ape Titan’s commands.
    Possibility 2: The coordinate is a power that Eren and Apey have to manipulate other Titans into doing thier bidding. This would largely explain the reason why Hometown Faction is trying to wipe out the city (to destroy this power) and why they were willing to stop attacking after they obtain Eren who has the power.


    I suppose its time to talk about the protagonist.
    - Eren’s Titan is nothing like the funny face titans.
    - Eren’s Titan, unlike RBA’s has skin.
    - Eren’s Titan seems very similar to Ymir’s Beast Mode Titan. Ymir’s Titan also caused her to lose her mind and wander the Titan field for 60 years. Eren’s titan appears to have the same effect, while the Warrior Titans don’t appear to have the same problem.
    -Given all the facts, I think Eren’s titan possesses a “Tech” which is why everyone is trying to obtain him. Everyone’s trying to grab him for thier own benefit.
    - To hometown, Eren in the hands of thier enemy can be devestating, but his tech represents a technological breakthrough that can help “Warrior Hometown.”
    - Thier objective in breaking down the walls were to try and find the new Tech (Titan with Skin Eren) for themselves, or otherwise ensure its destruction.
    - This would explain the long haitus between R&B’s appearances. After the fall of Wall Maria, they were hoping to verify any new tech had died in the chaos. If so, there is no need to bust open more walls and kill more people. After they realized they had not found thier target, dead or alive, they decided to attack the wall at Trost so they could see if the new tech appears (which it did).
    - What they are seeking is dangerous enough to them that they would be willing to annihilate all the people behind the walls to destroy it. It is also useful enough to them that they want to capture it and return it to the Warrior Hometown at the cost of thier own lives.
    - Eren’s new tech does not appear to be an advancement of the Titan bodies. Warrior hometown appears to be on the cutting edge of making Titan-Shifters with extraordinary abilities.
    - The new tech Eren possesses appears to be the “Coordinate.” The Coordinate appears to allow a Titan-Shifter to control the Funny Face Titans. The only two people who have shown this ability definitively are Apey and Eren. When R&B saw Apey control Titans, they thought they had found thier new target. However, once they saw Eren with the same power, they realized he too had the “tech.”
    - Armin conjectures that Annie had the Coordinate before, and it somehow got passed to Eren. I think this is a “red herring” (excuse the pun) because Reiner and Bertholdt didn’t seem to be interested in capturing Annie. Also, we can't prove that the TItans weren't just following her to try and eat her like they bit R&B.

    YMIR’s Faction and Titan Origins
    - Ymir and her people have something to do with the origin of the Titans, as the Titan’s seem to revere Ymir’s people, and Titans will even speak when encountering Ymir’s people. Strong possibility that Ymir’s homeland are responsible for the creation of the funny face titans.
    - Ymir’s concern for a noble bastard (Krista) suggests that the noble classes within the walls (that perpetuate the Wall Faith) may be aligned with Ymir’s people. The Wall Faith appears intent on ensuring that humanity remains terrified of the Titans by slowing progress on the armament and improvment of the walls, so it makes sense that the nobles, the Wall Faith, and Ymir’s outside faction responsible for the Funny Face Titans would all be aligned together.
    - RBA Titans appear to have the ability to transform back and forth rather easily. Ymir absorbed this tech when she devoured Berwick. (All this talk about eating relatives allowing people to change from Titans to Titan-Shifters I think is in error. I think Ymir swallowed a tech by chance, and came back).


    Armin Arlert is descended from family that is aligned with people outside the Wall. Possibly Ymir’s people.
    - Armin’s family had a book about the outside world, which was taboo.
    - Armin’s parents “died” by leaving the city. Makes no sense for anyone to leave the city, but it makes more sense if they had a destination. Likely that thier fate is unknown rather than certainly dead.
    - Armin blanks out after Eren is eaten, and somehow is not eaten by Titans? That’s suspect. I think only Ymir’s people might get away cleanly like that.

    Funny Face Titans
    Funny Face Titans appear to be an instrument of war and terror that were purposefully created. Presumably they attack the natural enemies of thier creators. Thier creators appear to be Apey and Ymir. The natural prey of Funny Faces appear to be Humans, Skinless Titans, and Beast Mode Titans.


    Titans Within The Walls Theory

    Possibility 1:The Warrior’s hometown is working with the Wall Faith/Establishment, and helped build the walls in order to help setup the current Walled society.
    - Supported by the fact that they go through great lengths to maintain the illusion that the Titans come from outside the walls only. They are only trying to promote the status quo ideology. If annihilation was thier aim, they could have transformed within the walls anytime and busted them down from the inside in plain sight. Annie only appears behind Wall Sina as a last resort. Otherwise, they are careful not to let the general public or anyone find out more about Titans generally, even though they likely know the origins of both Titan Shifters, Funny Face Titans, and even Ape Titan.

    Possibility 2: The Titans within the walls are prisoners of human factions maintaining the Walls.
    - Since they aren’t funny face titans in the walls, but instead are skinless titans, we might conclude that they in fact have humans within the TItans. The Wall builders (and presumably the Wall Faith Leaders/Royal Family now) somehow used/coerced the Skinless Titans to form the walls, imprisoning them and keeping them as hostages. RBA was sent by the Warrior’s hometown to take back the Walls (literally) which holds thier people inside of them. Their objective is not annihilation of mankind, but recovery of thier kin from thier enemy. Might explain why they are hesitant to keep breaking down the walls one after another. They don’t want to kill all the people in the city, but they still have to try to recover thier warriors in the walls.

    -Warrior Hometown beyond the wall has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Annie goes through extreme measures to make sure the information she’s holding does not become known inside the walled cities. It seems obvious that RBA are interested in preventing future knowledge and understanding of thier mission and thier origins.


    What is the Greater Story Outside the Walls?

    Walled City a Threat to the Warriors/Titans are Biotech for Warfare
    - Looks like the Warriors are in a conflict with Apey, and with other Titan-Shifter factions outside the walls (like Ymirs). The Warriors came to the Walled City to either destroy them and all the tech they have inside, or to capture the Coordinate tech and use it for thier own purposes in the Wars against Apey and the rest of the world outside the Walls. This one is my favorite so far.

    Walled City is a Farm, from which Apey and others harvest humans for use as Soldiers.
    - At least two factions outside the walls have the ability to create a funny face titan: Ymirs People, & Apey’s People. The titans they create have different properties as well. Hometown hasn’t shown this ability to create Funny Faces, and that may be a key disadvantage they have against Apey & Ymir’s factions. That’s why they are intent on destroying the “farm” which generates the Titan soldiers that attack them. By destroying the Titan farm (the walled cities) they may be protecting thier own Hometown.
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