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Thread: Hunter x Hunter Awards 2013 Winners

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    Hunter x Hunter Awards 2013 Winners

    The awards have concluded after a very long time. Anyway, here is the list of winners. Thank you so much for your participation!


    Best Ant: Mereum
    Best Artistic Piece:
    Spoiler show

    Best Character Debut:
    Spoiler show

    Most Overrated Character: Ging
    Best Arc: Chimera Ant Arc
    Best Quote/Line:

    I'm fucked up, but you're a piece of work too, you know. - Hisoka
    Yup! - Illumi

    Best Death:
    Spoiler show

    Best Scene: Uvo's Requiem
    Most Controversial Character:
    Spoiler show

    Best Character Design: Feitan
    Best Supporting Character: Netero
    Best OST Track: The Emperor's Time
    Best Female Character: Biscuit
    Most Underrated Character: Leorio
    Best Episode: Episode 85 ( Gon, Killua, and Kite face off against Neferpitou, Gon and Killua run away and strengthen their resolve. Neferpitou is shown with Kite's severed head in his/her lap.)
    Best Animated Fight: Kurapika vs Uvo, Feitan vs. Zazan, and Gon vs. Genthru
    Best Voice Actor/Actress: Megumi Han - Gon
    Best Hatsu: Hiakukshi Canon - Netero
    Best Villain: Mereum
    Best Male Character: Killua
    Best Fight:
    Spoiler show

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    Re: Hunter x Hunter Awards 2013 Winners

    I agree with most of the nominations but the most overrated character is definitely Killua IMO. It was hard to choose between Emperor Time and The Legend of the Martail Artist, so hard I forgot to vote and the poll has been closed.

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