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Thread: My Shingeki no Kyojin Theory

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    My Shingeki no Kyojin Theory


    This is going to be a long one so please be patient

    Hey Guys I'm new to this forum and have read some peoples theories and like them. Ok so I have one but I have no evidence of it, I just imagined that could be the case so just think of it as a fans idea more than an actual theory haha. Sorry if this sounds confusing I've tried to explain the best I can.

    Also when I use word warewolf I don't mean actual warewolf I mean a monster thats similar.

    Back Story
    ok so in that war between humans and monsters.... the monsters were actually humans from a different part of Earth who can turn into monsters (kind of like werewolves). they came to invade this side of earth (europe i'm guessing?).

    so we have the country where everything's taking place (let's call this country A) but back in the war humanity looked pretty much like it was going to lose.... so another country (lets call it country B) allied with country A and managed to create a weapon to have humans become similar to those warewolf monster things (titans) and helped protect country A. (they didn't want to give country A the formula for this weapon as they didn't want another power to have it) this meant sending people to use the titan form to protect Country A by creating a wall to stop these warewolves. Maybe this was only meant to be temporary until the warewolves left but Country A betrayed Country B (as they didn't have the knowledge of the weapon formula) and decided not to give these wall titans back as they're greedy and evil humans etc......

    these warewolf monsters maybe went back to their own country or something but now Country B have become weak as the people have become country A's wall so they fight to try to get them back. ( also I think the higher ups in Country A manipulated the populations memory somehow to instead of them remembering titans were allies, changed it to think that titans were enemies instead, so they wouldn't get a rebellion or oppoistion). After years of attack the people of country B started to lose memories and became mindless monsters (hence the small non intelligent titans also as they age they get smaller maybe?)

    So now onto the characters etc:

    Erin's Dad - I believe he (or his family) is from Country B and is part of a undercover team to take the walls back so they can go home. him and the team had brought with them that formula and designed it in such a way that each member of this titan team had certain abilities that together would defeat country A (one to break the wall, another to control smaller titans etc). maybe the team had planned all along to use their children as this titan team. whilst being undercover erins dad fell in love or became happy with his life so decided not to become a part of it??????? but he didn't want anyone to know his heritage so didn't tell anyone about the upcoming attack. on the day of the attack he went to meet someone else who is part of this undercover team maybe to tell him he couldn't go through with it because of his family or something and after coming back discovered his wife had died (maybe intentionally because he didn't want to be part of the plan). so because he didn't want eren to die aswell he gave him the titan power so he can protect himself rather than making him part of the titan team (hence the crying etc). after that I'm stuck between 2 things, either he got taken away by the other members for being a traitor.... or he left to see if country B still exists (it's been so long that maybe this team doesn't actually know where country B is as most of the people became titans and then lost their memory).

    also the thing thats in enrens basement is the history of what really happened and showing how the humans in this country are actually the bad guys.

    So now Reiner Annie and Bert are part of this titan team that are trying to get their own people free from the walls (hoping that as they were in a hibernating state, when they break free they would have the knowledge to go back to their own country)this was slowly happening until they see for the first proper time one of the warewolf creatures (ape titan). they became happy thinking that the country was going to get destroyed by the warewolf race, meaning they can get their own people back in an easier way.
    also when they find out about eren they change their plans and try to kidnap him for 2 reasons:

    1. they think the warewolf race will come soon and do their work for them
    2. they were under the impression that eren's dad didn't give eren the formula and they decide to take him as he has the ability to make their team complete and he has a different ability to them which will also help them in the fight against this country.

    ps I think Erwin is also from Country B who is secretly trying to overthrow the higher ups in Country A but doesn't have the Titan power

    So now the ape titan - like I said I think he is a warewolf type of human who is from a different race/ area of earth to Country A+B who after not being able to beat their joint efforts and because of the wall.... stopped attacking them and went back to their country... I think the ape titan is like the warewolf races scout who has been hiding and hibernating under that castle(that's why he doesn't know about the humans weapons, and because he is a scout from another country, he originally speaks a different language but learned country A's language so he can scout easily, that's why he said " I think this is the language you speak here" or something like that in the manga), and now he's finally awake to scout and then bring back with him a warewolf army to finish the job they couldn't finish waaaaaaaayyyy back in the past.

    here you go that's my theory on practically everything attack on titan haha please let me know what you guys think of this theory I look forward to see what other people think of it.
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