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Thread: SnK Favorite Moments

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    Post SnK Favorite Moments

    What are your favorite SnK moments?

    Just list the the moment and which fave category (emotional, romantic, action, etc) it falls under. Links to clips and manga pages are great too.

    For me, my fave moment is when Jean picks up the charred bones of the burning bodies, and decides to join the survey corps. Gets me every time...

    On the lighter side, I really love it when Eren finally kills a titan as a Scout (in human form).

    I think he really wanted to kill one as a human, and not a titan. You can see the look of accomplishment on his face. Classic.

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    Re: SnK Favorite Moments

    When Reiner revealed Bertholt and himself. that shaken me up.
    and i don't know if it isn't one of my favourite moments in all the stories i've ever read.
    just what... just what needs to be thrown away? along with my life, just what needs to be thrown aside in order to change this? what else is there?
    definitely my favourite quote. and i don't think i'll forget that scene anytime in near future.
    god i made myself cry, again.
    historia being hit by her mother
    even if it means taking away krista's future... i want to see her. because i really am a shitty human being. you guys can't understand, right? she smiled, and she was kind to me, despite knowing what kind of person i am...

    and the moment when she grabbed bertholt and said she's in charge.

    also when she saved erwin.

    defence of castle utgart
    annie's cry
    and that smile
    armin saving jean's ass

    eren's first kill in human form, yeaah

    ///there's so much more of this but this post is getting long already

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