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Thread: Questions, I want to translate a manga.

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    Questions, I want to translate a manga.

    I have been a poster for a long time, and feel like is my turn to contribute something.

    I would like to translate Katte ni kaizo made by Kumeta Kohji (Mangaka of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

    I have wanted to read Katte ni Kaizo for a LONG time, I remember reading an article in a spanish magazine (I'm from Mexico so a Spanish magazine was pretty weird lol) and said that it had been licensed in Spain, ever since I saw the first couple of pics and read the summary I felt like I would love the wacky humor.. Anyway, fast-forward to today, there are some scanlated Katte Ni Kaizo chapters, but a lot that are yet to be translated, so I have some questions:

    1.- Do I have to like ask permission to the guys that are translating it? I don't think they are doing it anymore since the last release was like a long time ago.
    2.- If I find the RAWs somewhere, can I use those raws or do I have to scan them myself? I have seen some RAW sites ask for the RAWs not to be used for scanlations, though that was a LONG time ago, like 8 years ago and figured the rules had changed.

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    Re: Questions, I want to translate a manga.

    This thread should be in:, not I'm gonna request a move.

    If I understand correctly you want to translate from English to Spanish, yes? If so, then:

    1. You don't need to (in theory) ask the previous EN>ES group for permission. But it might be a good idea to ask if they have indeed dropped the project first. Good manners, and all.
    If you're going to use English scripts posted here by a translator, you need to ask his(/hers) permission, though.
    If the scripts haven't been posted openly by a translator, and you're using English releases for your translations, the you need to contact the English scanlators and ask THEM for permission. Especially if you wanted to reclean their releases instead of cleaning all of the chapters from scratch.

    2. If the raws are posted online, they are usually free to use. The whole thing about "do not use for scanlations" was probably meant to cover their asses with the publisher companies. It is usually hard to find the original source of the raws anyway - different raw sites might have the same raws linked, yet they may have different rules for using them.
    If a scanner truly didn't want his/hers scans to be used for scanlations, they'd watermark the pages with "not for scanlations" line, or something like that.

    I hope that answers your questions.

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