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Thread: NarutoTheory's Naruto Chapter 670 Review: The Creator <3

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    Tsubasa NarutoTheory's Naruto Chapter 670 Review: The Creator <3

    Goodnight everybody, It's been a while since I've done a review. But I believe a special chapter calls for a special occasion.

    Hagoromo: "For one to so easily comprehend and adjust to the word "death..." your mettle is quite impressive, newbie."

    Welcome to Narutotheory's Naruto Chapter 670 Review: The Creator.
    The images in this review are credited to both Mangastream and Deviantart this week.

    Kishimoto begins the chapter...reuniting us with our main character, Naruto, in a realm that seems to resemble his previous Bijuu realms. But instead of meeting a Bijuu, Naruto meets the creator of Ninshuu himself.
    For the first 10 pages or so the author starts to reveal to us readers, the characterization of the Sage of the Six Paths. He is depicted as a powerful figure...wielding both halves of the staves that both Madara and Obito have been seen to hold separately. He is also shown to be skilled with the multi-elemental chakra that comes with the power of the shown when he is floating just above if he is using them as a chair. Hagoromo is also depicted as a very wise individual, at first when he tries to speak to Naruto...he speaks to him on a high philosophical level. He tries to talk to Naruto about how people should reach a mutual understanding, he even rambles on about the joy of possibly learning more about the current culture Naruto is living in; implying that he has knowledge and understanding on a level far above any ninja.
    It is interesting to ponder...whether the sage really died of old age...or he became one with Ninshuu itself. It would help to explain how he is currently interacting with Naruto at all. In the text...he is depicted as a time traveler.

    On page eleven of the chapter, the sage finally starts to interact more with Naruto. He takes the half of his staff that represents a full moon and taps it on the surface of the water before Naruto...revealing what seems to be Naruto mirroring his son: Ashura. He then goes onto say that Ashura has reincarnated into Naruto. I remember someone having a theory at one point that Naruto was going to be the next Sage of the Six Paths...that the way the series would end would be through Naruto not becoming a leader...but instead mimicking how the sage went about his life...similar to a monk. This page alone shows that Kishimoto is heading in a different direction. Seeing that Naruto has a mentality and power mirroring Ashura's...Naruto will not be another Sage of the Six Paths. Why would the author want a repeat anyway? The Sage didn't accomplish what he set out to Ashura leadership over Ninshuu gave rise to Indra's anger.

    One key thing to look out for that is stated on this page is that Hagoromo is there to entrust Naruto with something. Whether it just be the knowledge he is currently imparting to him about the past...or even more that will be revealed in the next few chapters.

    The next few pages are when Hagoromo tells the history of his mother...which is a little odd...considering how he wasn't born until after all of the things he's speaking about happened. But anyway, the story goes..that Kaguya came from a strange land looking for the fruit that a secret tree bred every once and a while. Kaguya was the only person tempted enough to eat the fruit (very similar to the Adam and Eve creation story)...which makes me wonder if Kaguya had a husband...or whether she just gave birth after being impregnated by the fruit or something. There is absolutely no mention of a husband. Hagoromo also states that his mother is much stronger than him...on a completely different level...then the already incredible sage of six paths.
    Immediately after this chapter came out...people have been saying how Kaguya could have become Jashin (the god that Hidan worshipped) or the Shinigami (the death god that appeared during the sealing of Orochimaru's arms...and the 9-tails into Naruto at birth). It is very possible...seeing as there is a remarkable resemblance:

    Spoiler show

    The next thing under consideration is this part on page 14...where the sage and his brother are depicted to be fighting the 10-tails (manifested from the sacred tree after trying to regain it's fruit). If you take a close look...Hagoromo's brother does not have a similar staff to that of Hagoromo. Hagoromo has both the crescent and full moon staff in one. This brings up many questions...are the Senju and Uchiha the only descendants of Hagoromo...was he the first son of Kaguya? Does that mean Hagoromo's brother created the lesser clans in his delineation? Also...why are Kaguya's eyes clear white like the Byakugan...are her eyes above the Rinnegan?
    Pages 14-19 Hagoromo goes into the history of the quarrel that festered between his two sons: Ashura and Indra. Ashura was basically a man similar to Naruto...a drop-out no good son who couldn't live up to his parents expectations of him. While Indra...the first son...was perfect in almost to fend and do things all by himself...while Ashura required assistance in almost everything he did. After realizing that Ashura's way of doing things resulted in a more positive outcome...he mimicked that in separating the 10-tails power into the 9 bijuus as shown on page 19. Hagoromo seems to have passed away or "become on with Ninshuu" after separating the beasts. After Hagoromo did this...he asked that Ashura take on the leadership of his Ninshuu as he passed away...this angered Indra which started the lineage of warring clans.

    On page 20...Kishimoto has an image of one of Ashura and Indra's battles. Ashura seems to have a similar Bijuu cloak. Further down on the page...Hagoromo mentions that Ashura and Indra's 'ghost'...or will's (The Will of Fire and the Curse of Hatred) continue to pass down to the next generations...almost like ghosts. He then mentions that Ashura...has been reincarnated in Naruto. Which leads me to a prediction...that the reason why Naruto's Bijuu transformation looks the way it because of Ashura's spirit. Either that or Ashura had an Uzumaki seal similar to Naruto's that causes that effect. Which would also explain why Minato's chakra looks the way it does. But who knows...maybe the Bijuu mode depicted in the image is actually what Kurama would look like with both haves together.

    Rating: 10 / 10

    Further Predictions:
    • The next chapter may be about Sasuke being the reincarnation of Indra.
    • Gai may die next chapter...which Naruto could sense.
    • Naruto and Sasuke may end up in the same realm speaking to Hagoromo...seperately...or Sasuke may not see him at all.

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    Re: NarutoTheory's Naruto Chapter 670 Review: The Creator

    good review, i always though that there is a power besides a MS that isn't the rinnegan but it's not that shitty byakugan neither but it looks that sasuke and naruto will unlock more power as better physical body and powerful eyes for sasuke..
    living in the darkness and now with a new light, i will raise to a new beginning...

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