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Tales of the Past -

“You’ll be missing 3rd and 4th hour.” Doniel said continuing on his path.

“Where are we going exactly?” Kaiser asked quickly but remained following; Doniel waved his hand without looking back and began walking faster.

“If we don’t hurry you’ll never know, and their ask questions.” Doniel said as he smiled continuing to walk. Kaiser just sighed and followed.

“Who will ask questions?” Kaiser asked as they walked into The Forest of Canyons. Doniel walked with no answer but one thing couldn’t be shaken off – eyes were following them.

45 minutes into the Forest it slow began to end. Both stood there in shook, what laid before their eyes was the end.

“What is this?!” Kaiser quickly asked her throat tightening as the images that lay before her was terrifying. Fresh females bodies unclothed and pinned by the head to several planks, pool of lava lived underneath the dead bodies – flags of the Heat Nation lay everywhere ripped and burnt.

“The once and honorable Heat Nation, now look at where all it’s glory lead to.” Doniel said walking close to the lava pool, approaching it with caution not to fall in he began looking over the dead bodies.

The afternoon sun began to quickly fade into the darkness; the lava patch in front of Doniel slowly began to bubble.

“Doniel watch out!” Kaiser warned as the only white left to be revealed came from a near by tower, 3 of the once normal wildlife moved out from lava was moving quickly with eased while lava dripped from their body slowly. Doniel pulled out his hidden green staff and hit one of the beast away, dodging the other, the 3rd one made a fierce charge towards Doniel.

4 shots of ices went though the head of charging lava animal, sending it straight to the ground dead – the final one caught himself and began making a charge towards Kaiser this time spitting out 6 hot lava blast.

The wind started quickly rushing over the legs and arms of Kaiser, slowly lifting herself off the ground she quickly flew towards the beast dodging his fire blasts – punching the beast in the jaw, the impact of wind sent the beast flying.

“This is not what I asked! Why shouldn’t I leave?!” Kaiser yelled as she landed near Doniel – grabbing his collar she shook him.

“This is currently the Heat Nation. Want to see more?” Doniel asked not feeling affected by the shaking. Kaiser started grinding her teeth.

“Yes, but explain everything.” Kaiser said she took a seat down on a near by rock, her attention was fully obtained by Doniel.

“The Heat Nation killed brutally all of them. Hanged like this, with the face of death still freshly there.” Doniel said as began pacing bit by bit in front of Kaiser.

“Why aren’t their bodies buried? Who would just pin them up like that?!” Kaiser asked shaking her head furiously, placing a hand on her eye her other eye began tearing.

“Good questions.” Doniel replied – only making Kaiser to look up at him in shook. “The towers controlled the animals near by to slaughter this nation, everyone knew of the Great Fall. The graves of everyone here are placed inside the Sound Nation’s memorial.” Doniel finished smiling at Kaiser.

“Their graves lies in the Sound Nation but haven’t had their bodies buried? Animals can’t pin up people, not like that.” Kaiser asked looking at the bodies slowly. Doniel handed Kaiser a small and beaten red book, the pages were blank.

“The owner of that book – he’s something else. The pages can be read once you’re ready.” Doniel began, only causing Kaiser to continuously flip though the book looking for clues. “This is where I take off.” Doniel finished as he began walking further away from the Heat and Earth Nation.

“Wait, where are you going?” Kaiser asked as she began catching up to him. Doniel waved her away and smiled.

“I can’t bring you to my Nation; you’d be a double Nation Hopper – let’s not go and push the rules. This will not be our last encounter, and to be honest this wasn’t our 1st.” Doniel said nodding his head, he leaped on to a few rocks and began to slowly disappear into the distance.

“That was interesting.” Gein said from behind Kaiser with his arms folded.

“I don’t like him, he’s creepy and odd – I bet he smelled like time travel too ew!” Po added from behind Kaiser, jumping back Kaiser in shock she was soon to be relieved to see that is was only them.

“You two followed me?” Kaiser asked Po began to giggle.

“Follow the leader! Even if the leader does something stupid like traveling to another village lead by some creepy lad.” Po said hugging Kaiser, only making her dumbfounded.

“The teachers are also worried, then he showed you this and told you all this. But you strike a good point – none of the history books or teachers explained about this – and now their bodies are like this.” Gein added nodding his head in disapprove meant.

“I needed answers. The fact the school is hiding something must mean something.” Kaiser proclaimed, the three started heading back to the Earth Nation.

“We were always told the Heat Nation was whipped out by the wild creatures.” Po added following close behind with Gein nodding in agreement – making quick time they ended up by the school within 15 minutes.

“I want you three to know a few things.” A deep voice said from behind them, quickly looking back it was the Head Master. “Going outside the Nation’s borders without permission is a big no-no. What that man said meant absolutely nothing, he was a liar.” The Head Master finished smiling as he patted Kaiser’s head and began walking ahead.

“What do you mean ‘was’?” Kaiser asked immediately. Gein put his hands together and made a soft pray.

“He was murdered by the beasts of course. I would suggest you stop with the questions.” The Head Master said with a wicked smile, walking faster he turned the corner. Kaiser jogged around the corner only to find him missing.

“This is weird. I guess we can’t tell anyone what we saw.” Po said sighing as she started biting the end of her pen. Gein patted her on the back, within 3 minutes they were at the school grounds – opening the doors they slowly walked down the hallway.

“Excuse me! Its 4th hour and you’re now just arriving? What is the excuse for me to write down?!” A hall monitor said running into the group, they just looked at each other and shrugged. Po began drawing a rose, coming to life it was redder than blood – Kaiser took the flower and gave it to the monitor boy.

“I was lost on the path to romance.” Kaiser said as she gave him the rose and walked past himalong with Gein and Po, the monitor stood there in shock with a face redder than ever.

“We all got cooking with Mr. Dank, floor 2 room 9.” Gein said as they hopped on the teleporter to go to the 2nd floor. Walking down to room 9 they all entered with eyes on them.

“Wonderful, many mans you finally made it to the yummiest class – in Earth Academy! Now chill and deal with some of us get the flow of the energy and make your 1st dish!” Mr. Dank said from the front of the classroom, mediating with a smile while the other students cooked or burned their food.

“So we just cook whatever? This is an ok class to me!” Po said she grabbed a desk for them, they gathered and began to wonder what to make.

“The 1st day is always the less stressful day man, don’t make it stressful! Make the food your heart desires!” Mr. Danks said as he grabbed a handful of his grinded herbs and threw it out into the classroom; lightly setting the herbs on fire a slight smoke filled the classroom.

“This is the Ancient Green Herb, its powerful enough to mellow a nation.” Gein said as he took in the smoke, grabbing the bowl he began blending.

“What shall we make? Spider legs and pig guts?” Po asked excitedly.

“We have to work with what we have here, roasted pork with lemons and potatoes?” Kaiser suggested, the other two nodded in approvement.

“We could add duck legs, the guys in front don’t even want theres.” Gein said as he tapped one of the boys on the shoulder.

“Yo, what up?” The boy asked turning around.

“Can we have your frog legs, or trade for something?” Kaiser asked, the boy rubbed his chin and then smiled.

“Got any beer?” The boy asked while the students from behind overheard.

“Ew, beer in any food is disgusting – you drink the beer while you eat not put it in your food!” The girl proclaimed making her partners chuckle. Po rolled her eyes and went into her backpack, pulling out a jar of beer she handed it to the boys in return getting the frog legs.

“Don’t ask questions until you took a bite girly!” The boy said with a wink, making the girls face swirl – the boy dumped beer into the pan and then hid it under the foil wrapping –sticking it in the oven.

Kaiser, Gein, and Po began the preparations – within minutes it was in the oven cooking.

“Thanks for the beer.” The boy said as he drank the rest of it. “I’m Homme Ivre.” Homme said as extended out his hand, one by one the shook and exchanged names.

“Turn the heat, it must be done in 5 minutes – I’m pretty hungry man.” Mr. Dank said as he took a puff from his long dragon pipe. The students did as they were told; some went over to Mr. Dank for the spiritual release course til the food was done.

“So what are you making?” The same girl asked as she went up to Homme, Homme just smiled and messed with her nose.

“1st off, I’m Homme who are you? 2nd, wait and taste!” Homme said with a big smile, only causing the girl’s eyes to roll.

The “ding” sound ran throughout the class, many students pulled out great dishes and some were in there for too long. Mr. Drank started from the front – test tasting all in his path his expressions were different for each bite.

Finally getting to Homme’s dish he unrevealed it – turkey, carrots, spider legs, all surrounded in beer – the smell filled the room as the classmates gathered around.

“I’ve never smelt something so good; can we all get a taste test?” Kaiser asked closing her eyes as she took in the smell. Mr. Dank took a bite and his eyes opened up wild in pure pleasure, 3 bites later he finally moved on. Po nudged Kaiser.

“We’re supposed to win, not them!” Po said – Kaiser just rubbed her head. Mr. Dank sank his fork into his the roast and took a bite – his eyes shining the same way as he took the bite from the other group.

“We have two wonderful chief gangs man, their sense of taste is outstanding yet out of this world.” Mr. Dank said happily as he took a few more bites and moved on.

After tasting everything he went back to the front of his class, smiling he sat down as he let out a burp making many of the classmates giggle.

“I’ve tasted heavenly food and I tasted the shitest of food – all was a different experience man. I saw the Nations Wonders – I saw the terror of our cold war. Everyone should come together man, and just dig in and eat!” Mr. Dank said as the class cheered, going around they began tasting each other’s meals.

Homme gave the nod to his friend, his friend pulling out jars of beer – the class began celebrated. As sound as everyone surrounded them the bell rang for class.

Kaiser, Gein, and Po was already down the hallway, Po downed the jar of beer she had and threw it away.

“What barbarians! Over a little low classed beer, a wet joint taste better. I’m off to class, bye mates.” Po said as she waved to her team and headed into a nearby class.

“Don’t be shocked, it’s always like this – I think you have a hang of how to get around I’m off to guidance.” Gein said he slightly bowed and went off to a teleporter. Kaiser waved and began walking down the hall, opening the last door to her left – the class nearly empty she took the seat in the front.

“What a nerd – open space and sits in the front.” A girl snickered from behind Kaiser only causing Kaiser to sigh at herself.

“Now why wouldn’t a student want 1st row sit for sexual education?” The tall male teacher said coming into the class, he blasted the board with fire and out spelled his name: “Mr. Zerel”.

“S-sexual education?” Kaiser asked nervously only causing the same girl to laugh loudly.

“She’s probably a virgin! Dick nor tits has passed her eyes! Bet she’s undressing everyone with her eyes.” The girl said rudely as she continued to laugh.

“Trust me even if I was turn on your laugh would kill me down any day without fail.” Kaiser said looking back at the girl – blonde hair, training bra, and a skirt with a nasty look across her face.

“Speak up and I’ll rearrange your jaw!” The girl threatened as she stood up, Mr. Zerel immediately came between the two.

“This is why we have sexual education – obviously you’re both virgins or haven’t got laid in a while. In order to relax, you must relax physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. “Mr. Zerel said stroking the two girls head.

“I lose sexual tension daily, thank you Mr. Zerel!” The girl said trying desperately not to raise her voice at him.

“Vicky lower your voice as well as yourself, it’s time for class everyone take your seats and hurry – I will be filling out who is all here.” Mr. Zerel said as he went to his desk and began checking people off.

“A little sex is good for everyone girls.” One of the boys called out from behind them chuckling, only to smacked by the girls nun-chuck. “Ow!” The boy whined.

“Richard you’re a dick.” Vicky said angrily only causing Kaiser to chuckle and look back.

“Pun intended?” Kaiser asked smiling causing chuckle to the classmates around them.

“Shut it virgin, just because you fought today doesn’t make you a cool cat – your fighting skills were reckless, sloppy, and like newish like a virgin.” Vicky said as she stuck her tongue out at Kaiser, just as Kaiser was about to open her mouth the strong throat clearing took over the sound in the classroom – all eyes were on Mr. Zerel.

“I am Mr. Zerel and I will be your Sexual Education teacher today. We’re all mature enough to understand all humans and animals eventually need to reproduce – we can also use the ritual for reproduction to release our stress. Heterosexual and Homosexual relationships and actions are common and found most upon their years age group.” Mr. Zerel said the tv switched on, a detailed video of all the organs of most sexes.

“Would anyone care to be examples for the class? We must show all examples of sexual pleasure with or without your partner.” Mr. Zerel continued, the class seeming shy he smiled and began picking at random. “Sandi, William, Kaiser, Thomas to the front please.” Mr. Zerel asked the students.

All the students blushing; they slowly went up there one by one, Mr. Zerel placed Kaiser in front of Sandi and William in front of Thomas.

“Now Kaiser grab Sandi’s breast – or kiss her. Thomas pinch Thomas’s nipples – or kiss him.” Mr. Zerel instructed, causing most the class to gasp.

“This isn’t band camp, are you being serious? This is a class on how to touch each other?” Kaiser asked confused, Mr. Zerel grabbed at Kaiser’s wrists and placed her hands on top of Sandi’s breast. Thomas lend forward and kissed William. Within minutes both pairs we’re furiously making out, breaking it up they looked around as if not knowing what they just done.

“I – I feel better actually..” Sandi said as she took the seat closest to her, sighing in relief. Mr. Zerel smiled.

“Even just a little foreplay is enough class to get your fix; if you’re at a stressful moment in life or need to clear your head open all your relaxation systems.” Mr. Zerel explained – the other students took their seat with a look of embarrassment on their faces.

“You’ve done well, no need to be shy. I swear, we’re producer better fighters each generation but when romance and sex comes you guys jaw is on the floor. We need to reproduce to stay a live – remember that!” Mr. Zereal reminded everyone with a smile

“Sparring seems to be keeping my mind perfectly at bay.” Kaiser said staring down at her desk; she felt a pat on her back and heard chuckles all around.

“Yeah, until you had your tongue down her throat! He said grab her breast or kiss her, not and kiss her.” A boy said coming from the side of Kaiser, making her look up.

“Revolution was needed.” Kaiser proclaimed only causing Mr. Zerel to burst out laughing.

“The final lesson is masturbation – 5 hour is the shortest so I shall try to squeeze in as much as possible.” Mr. Zerel began as he put on another video for the rest of the hour. 15 minutes later everyone was walking out the class yawning.

Final hour for Monday class is Guidance, walking off to into the library she goes deep into the back only to be pulled into a nearby table.

“Gein!” Kaiser proclaimed in shock, 3 other people were at the table sorry.

“Sorry for pulling you like that suddenly, this is Sully, Zolo, & Kell, guys – Kaiser.” Gein introduced them, they all shook hands.

“Now we all heard you met the Head Master!” Sully asked quietly, with the other nodding.

“Well yes, hasn’t everyone?” Kaiser asked, they all looked at each other and then back at Kaiser.

“Whoever meets him dies immediately afterwards. All by ancient.” Kell finished, making Gein and Kaiser gasp in shock.

“What I saw at the Heat Nation was unnaturally – it was totally different than what we know from what the school has told us!” Kaiser said in frustration causing Gein to pat her back.

“The towers controlled the beast nearby and slaughter them all. What did they lie about?” Zolo asked quietly looking around for anyone watching.

“They were all nailed to planks lined up neatly in a row; the creepiest thing is they looked fresh.” Kaiser said her arms shaking some.

“The school’s brown bird!” Sully proclaimed as she pointed to the bird above the watching them, smiling it flew away.

“This can’t be good.” Kaiser said, Kell got up and began running for the door.

“It’s not that serious, he could have been listening to anyone!” Gein said as he grabbed Kell.

“Their kill us for talking about something like this! Let’s just drop this topic and go somewhere reason, do something else! Kell proclaimed in pure fear, grabbing his head and constantly shaking it back and forth.

“Gein go calm down Kell, me and Kaiser will be in the history part of the library.” Sully said getting up as she led Kaiser to the large history selection.

“Do you really think these books contain the truth?” Kaiser asked her as she began skimming though the books.

“I’m not sure, but if it’s not real let’s see what spots their repeatedly messing up on – if their doing too much to hide a certain of the truth we should be able to see it.” Sully said as she started going though books too. After 10 minutes they both closed their last books and nodded their heads negatively at each other.

“Nothing useful, but what is weird is how there is no information before we all came together, before the fighting – what was time like?” Kaiser asked Sully as they both walked out the library together.

“It all seems to start the day the nations were attacked, any type of history before that was just – removed. Class I near over, we have to walk home. Best we go in teams, where is your house?” Sully asked walking towards the nearest teleporter.

“Us over the bridge, 5 house to the right.” Kaiser replied, Sully grabbed her hand and began picking up the peace.

“It’s odd we never saw each other before, I’m a few houses a head! Maybe you can come over, we can spar I saw the fight.” Sully said dragging Kaiser outside the school grounds, just as the final bell started ringing. “My father’s job is at the database’s center, each village and nation has a database person – they pull together the history of all the nations – if one slacks they’ll all know.” Sully finished as Gein caught up the two.

“Gein, where is Kell? Sully was explaining to me about a database.” Kaiser said greeting Gein.

“Kell has to do extra work in the school for a bit, the teacher told me to be off. Sully’s father controls the Main Earth Village database; they have quite a nice house since he’s the head database of the most important village in the Earth Nation.” Gein explained as they continued to walk – over the bridge the river had many fish and beautiful clear water that seemed endless.

Sully finally let of Kaiser’s hand and ran ahead to greet her dad, Gein began chuckling.

“What is it?” Kaiser said walking backwards to face Gein, the kids started pouring out of the school running in all directions screaming happily.

“Nothing, just our classmates being overly excited – makes me chuckle. “ Gein said nodding his while laughing some more, Kaiser shrugged as she turned around.

“Come in you two, do you want anything to drink?” Sully said as she opened the door for them, walking inside Kaiser removed her coat. Her father reentered the room with a box in one hand a book in the other, setting them both on the table Sully immediately opened the box and threw the grinded herb in the air – setting a portion of it on fire as smoke filled the house with a thin layer.

“I heard the head master has talked to you. Forgive me, I am Hatake Tori.” Mr. Tori said extending his hand for a handshake, shaking his hand Kaiser smiled.

“I’m Kaiser Feuer, he has. We also saw a brown bird that the school loves.” Kaiser said causing Mr. Tori to be shocked.

“Let me explain to you, all what those birds are all about.” Mr. Tori began; sighing as he lend forward in his seat. “The birds you see do not belong to the school, the Head Master of the all the important villages were originally aliened with the war and government. The birds are owned by the government of this Nation, all nations have their “security cameras” – the brown birds, proper name is “Okhota Smert” meaning hunter of death.” Mr . Tori announced as he turned a few pages, making Kaiser quickly stand to her feet.

“These birds are out to kill?” Kaiser asked in shock, looking back at Gein, her face began turning.

“Yes. They spy on anyone in the nation who are up to no good. I’d suggest you all stick together at all times, and please do remember you heard nothing from me.” Mr. Tori suggested as he pulled Sully close to him.

“Kell is alone! Maybe he didn’t have extra work at all, we have to go to the school!” Kaiser said as she grabbed her jacket and made for the door.

“Walk and fight with caution, no one has lived to tell others how the birds kill us.” Mr. Tori said giving them one last warning, with a hug from his daughter and bow from Gein the three were off back to the school.

“The teacher was acting weird, why would they hurt Kell?” Gein said watching out for any signs of movement in the school.

“What’s weird is how long we’ve been fighting against these wicked animals and now they wish to listen to us? A normal bird can’t kill a human; the bird is either a monster or a distraction. We were told not to talk about it, instead of killing us their make an example of our friend.” Kaiser said as they ran across the bridge, they headed towards the back of the school with Gein as their lead.

“The physical instructor was the one who told Kell he needed extra time in his class, to the training fields.” Gein said as they made quick time getting from one end of the campus to the other.

“Any birds around?” Kaiser quickly asked they made it on to the dirt ground of the training field; trees surrounded the place with exercise and work equipment laying around. Looking up into the sky no bird was to be found. All nodding they began walking around looking for a sign of life to be found, 5 minutes past with nothing found reforming the group they all began to think.

“Maybe this is why no sees the people get murdered by birds – what if he got carried away by it?” Gein suggested, Sully began to whine and took a hold of Kaiser.

“We can’t walk to your house now Sully, we have to find Kell. You know – it has been quite. Too quite.” Kaiser stated looking; the shadow of wings flew over them – looking up the Okhota Smert let something loose.

“What could it be?” Sully asked in fear.

“A bomb?” Gein yelled as he pushed the girls and hopped away himself. The object came crashing into the ground – the dirt dust began surrounding them all. Like wind being controlled the dust was violently swiped away by Kaiser. They began closing in on the object, as they drew closer Kaiser realized and pushed Sully back.

“T – this is a distraction! Stay on your guard!” Kaiser yelled as she pointed towards the town for Gein to follow, grabbing Sully they began running.

“Why are we leaving? What about Kell!” Sully yelled at the two trying to dig her arm away from Kaiser.

“He was made an example of and you maybe next! We have to get you home just come on!” Kaiser said as they continued to make a run for the town. Looking back the Okhota Smert made a horrible cry, diving towards the kids Kaiser handed Sully to Gein.

Hex’s of blue appeared along Kaiser’s path – as if sliding on ice Kaiser’s speed began to increase turning around she opened her coat pulling out two pistols energy coded in red – two shots were fired at the Okhota Smert, hitting it’s wing it began to dive down harder and off course.

“Slow down!” Gein yelled far behind Kaiser, Kaiser looking behind herself, her eyes began to widen.

“Fire shots that way to slow your speed!” Sully yelled out as Gein began to run his fastest, nowhere fast enough to keep up. She quickly blasted the 2 trees as she disappeared into the flame filled smoke.

Sully hoped off Gein’s back and landed on to the ground, digging her feet it in – she began going faster than ever riding the rocks. With a little hop, she landed not more than 2 away – digging into the ground again she hopped 20 feet going straight into the smoke.

“I swear if Kaisers alive Sully will fuck her neck tie off.” Gein said to himself chuckling as he ran faster, the cry of the Okhota Smert came from behind them jumping out the way the bird went into the smoke – flames blasted though the smoke send the reminds of the bird out the cloud. The cloud of dust and smoke began to fade. Sully stood behind Kaiser grasping Kaiser’s gun in her hand, the flames around Kaiser’s arms begin to fade – smiling at Gein she waved as the flames fully disappeared from her hands.

“Let’s go talk to my dad.” Sully said giving the gun back to Kaiser, they began walking to the housing – the remains of the birds slowly faded into nothing as it disappeared into the wind.

“Well, at least they won’t know who killed it, maybe Zolo made it home safely.” Gein prayed – he said a few quite miracles to himself.

“Sully, doesn’t your dad know all your friends?” Kaiser asked casually.

“Well yes, he must meet them all for me to even socialize with him – why do you ask?” Sully responded. Gein stopped in his track.

“Why didn’t he immediately warn us to get Kell and Zolo?” Kaiser asked grinding her teeth.

“I – I don’t know but my dad wouldn’t lie, he’s loved my friends!” Sully said, they began to jog to her house the tears down Sully’s face hit both Kaiser and Gein. “The, the object the bird dropped it was….” Sully said weakly as more tears flew through the air.

“We’re too late, it’s like he stalled for time as if.” Kaiser said gripping her sword.

“We’re supposed to kill the wild creatures. What is this?” Gein asked nodding his head negatively.