Hey... I'll try and keep this as simple as possible. I'll just provide a description of this manga and a sample of what the script may be like (which is just the first page). Constructive criticism is welcome, so just tell me what you don't get about it, what you think could be better, and how well written it is. Thank you, and enjoy.


Duality... Duality is the best way to describe the world as it is today. Two souls fighting over one body. The grave lord's have reawakened, and humans are caught in a battle that they aren't even aware exists. The humans are losing this battle. Losing it against demons, who have a terrible thirst for blood that cannot be satisfied, and there is nothing human can do to defend themselves, nor can they even explain whats going on. These demons are smart when it comes to remaining incognito. All the humans can do is make themselves believe that it's just natural causes. They're is just one thing that binds these worlds together, and causes such entropy. A symbol. A symbol known as the grave lord's sign. This symbol is said to have all kinds of immense power, especially to revive the dead. Grim has been branded with this symbol after being trick into using its power, thinking it would revive his dead sister. His efforts failed him and resulted in backfiring on him. He was fooled by an unknown entity, and is now branded by the grave lord's sign. The consequences that come along with being branded by the grave lord's sign are forcefully taking the grave lord's vow of silence (which means having his mouth sewed shut permanently), and an undying body. With these consequences also comes power far beyond human imagination, the power to control darkness itself and connect his body to the demon world and the human world by will. But with such power also comes with a trade off. a terrible lust for blood. The stronger this craving for blood grows, the more his sanity will be lost, making him a threat to mankind. In order to suppress this, he must consume the souls of demons, and he must do this at a constant rate. He now Roams both worlds, searching for answers, and to take his revenge for what the grave lords had done to this world, to him, and to his sister.

(Script Sample) ~Just so you know, the wording in bold and italics are actions, foreshadowing, and setting descriptions. And the man the script keeps referring to is the main character, Grim. I try my best to make you feel as if you are at the actual events taking place~

It's dark, quiet, and gloomy. There seems to be a light fog gliding on the ground. It has a feel as if you are in an enclosed space, yet it has a feel of being very large, empty and filled with despair. You then realize this is no ordinary cave. You notice there is a man on his knees mumbling what seems to be gibberish. In front of him is a dead girls body, a ragged looking book, and a wall with a strange symbol. The man seems to be praying to this symbol, seemingly performing some kind of ritual on the dead girls body. There's a long pause. The man starts to shed tears and starts to speak.

GRIM: Damn you... DAMN YOU! What has she done to deserve a fate like this. Give me my sister back you bastard.

There's another short pause.

GRIM: You promised me... you promised me she'd come back. I did what you asked. What more do you want from me you asshole.

The symbol starts to glow red. A faint, sinister voice emerges.

????: (sinister laugh) You humans are all the same....

GRIM: What!?

The symbol shines even brighter. Chains emerge from the symbol and raps around the man. Something else emerges from the symbol. It doesn't seem human at all. It had pale white skin, long black hair, and devilishly long claw like nails. It starts to show its face. It has eyes which appear to be all white, no nose, and a mouth that seems as if they were sewed shut. It grabs the mans face and appears to have a needle with a string on the end of it on the other hand.

????: Not to worry. This will all make sense in the end. Until that day comes, your mine boy. We shall see what your future hold for you. Now look at my me, and hold still.

It moves the needle closer to the mans face, then fades to black.

That's all that will be provided for now. Let me know what you think. Again constructive criticism is always good, so don't be shy. Thanks for reading!