Hi! I'm Desu_Desu!

I know that many otakus in the community are very big fans of video games as well. Please use this forum to exchange friend codes, game names, referral codes, or anything of the sort. Please do not spam and please be nice to everyone of all gaming levels. Please do not post anything off-topic, either.

Feel free to add me on the following. Message me if you want to play. Feel free to reply with your own friend codes and game names!

My Friend Codes

Nintendo Network ID- Nikasawce
-Wii U
-Wii U Chat

3DS- 0920-0738-4541
-Animal Crossing: A New Leaf
-Pokemon X or Y

Other Games

Roblox- xxblackheartsxx

League of Legends- Illisa

Origin (EA)- KawaiiSpringroll

Steam Community- brigiey22