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Thread: Fate of the reactors?

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    Fate of the reactors?

    Well, some time ago the sins fought a demon who was a former holy knight, dale. Dale was from the first generation of reactors, they were actual holy knights who drank demon blood to acquire their powers. The first generation was supposed to be powerful, stronger than the new generation, but in turn were too powerful to be controlled. Then there is the new generation which is made from holy knight apprentices. The new generation is less powerful but can be more easily controlled.

    Now, the first question would be, just how exactly was the first generation harder to control? They would have been actual holy knights at least to begin with so it is weird that there would be issues in this regard. Or perhaps there are other side effects to drinking demon blood while being a powerful being to begin with? As in the stronger you are when drinking the blood you go crazier as time goes by...

    Now the big question, what is going to happen to the remaining reactors? Are they all inevitably transforming into demons? Seeing the one meliodas killed it seemed like there was a plant growing in it... What is that plant? Is it the result of drinking the blood or is there someone else doing something weird here? If it is a plant then perhaps helbram had something to do with it, its face resembled the faces in the roots he summoned...

    Crackpot theory, what if the plant was an actual demon? Basically the blood would eventually turn reactors into a powerful demon however the ultimate purpose of that demon would be to nourish that plant so that it can grow to be a full demon like the one ban killed.

    Any thoughts? I think this is one of the more interesting topics that remain so far.

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    Re: Fate of the reactors?

    They were harder to control because they turned into those monster like creatures. Too much power from the demon blood on top of their own Holy Knight powers made them uncontrollable.

    And I assume when the demon clan make their appearance, they'll be turned into foot soldiers.

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