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Thread: Revolutionary Army - Guardian angels of the SH crew?

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    Revolutionary Army - Guardian angels of the SH crew?

    Several interventions by the revolutionary army have been made on behalf of the strawhat crew.

    Monkey D. Dragon - Intervention at Loguetown

    Batholomew Kuma - Intervention at Shabondy Archipelago

    Ivankov - Intervention at Impel Down - continued tho minor to Marineford

    Sabo - Intervention at Dressrosa

    Revolutionaries saved Robin in her separation arc

    Sometimes at the command of Dragon, sometimes on their own, what sort of role do they have apart from saving the SH crew. If the SH are sailing at the revolutionaries do not intervene they kind of lose their role in OP, they are there to be a support grid to the crew guiding and guarding them. I think this might exclude the revolutionary army saga that many are hoping for, of course Sabo helps them now and then goes back to command base, along the journey some other revolutionary saves them or helps them again, is Dragon's role to "watch over" his son without any greater doing? Apart from taking on the WG is this what revolutionaries are sometimes told to do? Clearing the seas for the crew to sail, and if they run into too much trouble save them? Is this perhaps a bigger mission to them? Does Dragon think that Luffy will take on the WG so he needs to help him get to his goals before Luffy can get to beat the WG -which is Dragon's goal?

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    Re: Revolutionary Army - Guardian angels of the SH crew?

    I don't think Dragon is searching for One Piece… either he knows what it is or he is just aware of what scumbag the WG is… it is kinda obvious what WG is doing and if you don't agree than you go against them…

    Also, I doubt Dragon is trying to make Luffy's sail easier… it just so happens that the certain revolutionaries happen to be at the same place as SHs' crew… you might call it a plot hole but this is how it is…
    - I donno why Dragon was in Loguetown, but he was… (maybe he wanted to see his son god knows)
    - Kuma was sent to Thriller Bark to deal with SHs by the WG and obviously did not kill anyone, and seeing how good a crew Luffy has he then decided to help them in Sabaody…
    - Sabo went to Dressrosa to find clues about the weapons factory and also for the MMnM…
    - Ivankov also acted of his own accord in ID - he thought Dragon would appear at MF cus he thought Ace was Dragon's son as well… so he helped Luffy…
    - Robin… Kuma knew Dragon is searching for her and probably being one the most important people in the RA, he should also have known where RA will strike next and that sending Robin there would help Dragon…

    But it's kinda obvious that cus Luffy is Dragon's son, his subordinates want to help him if they see him in troubles (probably after seeing that Luffy is a good guy)… and God knows what Dragon would do if Luffy died/were to be executed…

    Dragon's goal? overthrow the WG… at the right time…
    Also he said back in Loguetown: "the world is waiting for our answer" so he might know something about the past/ancient kingdom and what Luffy's destiny is… so maybe he's waiting for Luffy to get to One Piece… (and take advantage of it)
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    Re: Revolutionary Army - Guardian angels of the SH crew?

    Dragon's goal is to overthrow the World Government, but he also seems to be concerned about his son, so he will protect him if needed. Not to mention, the Straw Hats are the WG enemies, and being good people, the Revolutionary Army are more likely to help them. I don't think it's just relationships anymore, but what the Straw Hats are doing and the kind of people they are.

    At this point, I don't think Dragon or the Army will go out of their way to save the Straw Hats though, not anymore. The crew is strong, and Luffy is now one of the most notorious pirates out there. Dragon likely realizes that he has to trust Luffy's own power, especially when Luffy inserted himself into the war and managed to save Ace. Though, I do see the Straw Hats and Revolutionary Army teaming up time to time to tackle tough opponents and/or achieve their goals.

    I'd love to see Luffy and Dragon, two seemingly different personalities, clash. They both have one thing in common and that's loyalty to the people they care about. Sabo would probably interfere though, if he's never talked with Ace, as he could (though I doubt it) see Luffy as that little brother he and Ace had to constantly protect. Luffy probably has tons of respect from most of teh Revolutionary Army if Robin shared what happened at Enies Lobby: how Luffy came after her to save her, how he burned the World Government flag just for her, and how he fought the Marines just to get her back and made her want to live.


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