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Thread: Does Uvogin foreshadow Gon's future?

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    Re: Does Uvogin foreshadow Gon's future?

    Dont forget... it was clearly stated that Uvo was waaaaay stronger when he fought with/for his friends. I always really liked knowing that... its rare to hear those words used against a *villain*

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    Re: Does Uvogin foreshadow Gon's future?

    Quote Originally Posted by Demonspeed View Post
    I am not saying that these training methods are the ultimate ones but that they are the methods to control your Nen type and categories near of it correctly for a novice. So, a good Enhancer with enough control of his Nen should be able to complete Level 5 Enhancement with ease, to use its Nen a its best, mastering the level 5 of the Transmutation and Emission categories are vital too. Biscuit can even achieve level 5 Emission with ease despite being a Transmuter. Once you achieved these tasks, I guess you just have to train your body, practices your Nen daily and using various methods of training depending of your fighting style to improve.

    With his Enhancement mastery, Uvo could easily achieve level 5 Enhancement's task IMO but I am not sure for the 2 other categories.
    Nen has 6 categories Everybody can utilize their Nen in the 6 categories but an Enhancer isn't going to be able to Materialize a Weapon with a crazy hidden ability, more like a bike to ride or a pen to write with..

    It is a personal choice to explore the other Nen categories that aren't fully accesible to you. And if persued just makes you that much more of a nen master and a more versatile nen user.

    You don't have to pursue these skills Biscuit made Killua and Gon do it because she's a flexible Nen users and martial artist her self and it was just how she was thought...

    Also when creating a Hatsu you normally would want to incoporate more than 1 nen function.

    So Gon simply has 3 Hatsu moves to choose from.
    While Uvo only needs 1 Hatsu.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rezard View Post
    Imho , Uvo is more like a showcase on how enhancement can become later. I don't think its related that much to gon's futur.
    There's indeed somes similarites. The sound roar is a good example.

    Quote Quote:
    Uvo used it only for killing the beast with thoses hair shield.
    Gon its a bit different, for the bat fight he mostly used common sense. Gon passed a lot of his childood in a forest or whatever. Increased his knowledge about that a lot and used sound against the bat.
    Uvo died way to early in my opinion, its hard to know his "real strenght" the beast fight was merely a joke for him, and Kurapika is overpowered against the genei ryodan.
    I see more Nobunaga mixed a bit with Phinx , than Uvogin as gon'shadow.
    What Uvo did and what Gon did wass different.

    Uvo defnitely died to early. Is there another Character you dare to say can take sniper bulllets or a RPG Shell With No damage while using Nen....Besides Netero I vote for nobody being able to tank a rpg rocket/ bazooka shell

    Uvo used his Nen to strenghting his vocal cords and neck muscles then let out a point blank scream enhanced by his enhancer's nen, which resulted in the hairy duded ear drums n ish to mush. Uvo was a beast but was used as Kuripca showcase of Chain Jail, to show if any of the other spiders get caught they are dead.

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