Hiya, I'd like to introduce myself here

The name's zerofm, though my real name's actually "Imam Hadi", this is the second time I've ever used a nickname without my name in it. You can just call me zero or Imam, though most of my friends usually call me Mami for obvious reason

I'm a genuine male (Am I?) and I live in Indonesia, I joined this Forum because, because..... what was it again? I guess it's because I just wanted to join a new forum, LOL

I like Sci-fi, Action, Romance and Comedy Manga

Aside from reading Manga and watching Anime, I also love playing Rubik's cube, Minesweeper, Sudoku and other Brain Games.

Oh and programming too, though if you ask me, I'm still a newbie at that, just learning the basics of Python, Java, Ruby, VB, Delphi, ActionScripts and C++. Yeah, just the basics, I can't make a complex program yet.

Just ask me anything