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Thread: The Ymir Incident

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    The Ymir Incident

    This thread is all about the scene where
    the roaming titan Ymir eats RBs friend (Marcel)
    it's the penultimate page of chapter 40.
    "the serum" thread simply isn't enough to talk
    about all the dicrepancies I want to discuss:

    We have the rather young troupe encountering a
    single titan in the open, we know that R&B got
    away and that Marcel likely had shifter abilities
    that were absorbed by Ymir who was allready roaming for 60ish
    years in a mindless state like Eren after his
    transformation in Trost till like Armin did with Eren
    RABs actions against wall Maria finally snapped her
    out of it but as the special states:
    her dream wasn't like Eren's a peaceful childhood memory
    but a nightmare which might be a hint about her own and
    why she relates to Historia.

    First thing that stands out is what where those
    three doing out there alone? If the were already going
    for the walls the would have been prepared for such
    an encounter...
    And if a titan power can be reclaimed like the
    recent chapter 57 mentions why wasn't it recovered by
    the warrior-village?

    Next thing is: How did Ymir become a titan in the
    first place? It's said that she stole it but that
    can refer to two things her mindless form and
    absorbing Berwicks powers.
    She also knows about the Ape-titan and the true
    enemy quite some insight and considering that
    a Ymir related titan encounter by Ilse Langnar and
    Connie's mother turned into a titan during the Ape-titan's
    incursion where the only ones we know of who ever spoke
    could explain who turned her in the first place.
    The other explanation would be her stealing a serum
    that made her into a mindless titan, that would also
    explain why she was solo and able to get close to the three.
    But it also leads to more questions like how could
    an outsider get their hands on such an item or how
    big is the warrior's village if RAB didn't know
    about Ymir living there for a while to gain their trust
    (and titan powers)?.

    One explanation for not reclaiming Marcel's powers
    I can think of is them simply not knowing, we saw
    in RBs reaction after Ymirs transformation that
    the simply couldn't comprehend it - if the knew
    that a mindless titan can absorb shifter powers would the
    still be that shocked? (maybe, considering the whole incident.)
    The idea of throwing titans at Eren in a desperate attempt
    of him being eaten was an interpretation Hange came up with
    and only used in desperation and after RBs chat with Ymir.

    About the Ape titan and Ymir there is another possible connection
    I recently thought about and that is the can in castle Utgard
    labelled in a for the wall inhabitants unreadable language
    Ymir was able to (and Ryner might have to but was playing
    along to maintain his cover). The Ape-titan was unsure if he
    was speaking the same language as the wall inhabitants

    Which could also be understood as Ymirs (and the Warrior factions)
    ancestors being the original inhabitants of the area now
    covered by the walls and might also explain why
    (besides for practical reasons) the were hesitant
    to damage the walls itself having their people trapped
    inside there and gives us another explanation for their genocidal attack.

    Last thing; her titans appearance - it's far less artificial then
    Ryner's, Berthold's and Annie's (and Marcel's?) form which could mean that
    they were directly turned into titans while it was a 2-stage evolution for Ymir
    which might mean that it can't be recovered if shifter powers can't
    infintely be passed along by eating or have diminishing effects after a few cycles.

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    Re: The Ymir Incident

    Ymir 'stole' the Titan-shifting power by eating Berik/Marcel. When she told that to Historia, she wanted to avoid admitting that she had eaten a human to do so. As for Ymir turning into a non-shifter Titan, that is another mystery entirely. She was turned into a Titan about 60 years ago, but the Titans first appeared 107 years ago. Presuming that she was 12-13 at the time she was turned, one can only wonder; where did she live and what did she do during those 12-13 years?

    Bertholt and Reiner, despite knowing plenty of things about the mysteries surrounding the Titans in comparison to the humans that live within the Walls, I don't think that they know EVERYTHING. But they would still be shocked, even if they knew that if a Titan ate a shifter, s/he turned into a shifter him/herself. They just saw a childhood friend get eaten alive, God's sake.

    As for the appearance of the Titan shifters, I don't really think that it has anything to do with the way they achieved their Titan form. There is a lot of symbolism surrounding the appearances of each shifter's Titan form, symbolism related to their personality and objectives.
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