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Thread: Amateur Writer looking for Artist

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    Amateur Writer looking for Artist


    I'm an amateur writer looking for an artist to start a project with.
    I do have a specific story in mind, one that i've been working on for a long time, sadly with no luck of finding an artist yet.
    I'm not just expecting the artist to Draw ofcourse. The type of artist i'm looking for should ofcourse share their opinions and thoughts on the story, character, etc. aswell and ofcourse i'm open to suggestions to some changes. Ofcourse i'm not expecting the artist to be a co-writer but still to share their ideas aswell. Like if i have a scenario in mind that i might think is good, the artist may not find it to be that good and may have idea themself, that ofcourse maybe could be better.
    So i am open to suggestions but mainly the story is chiseled in stone, so to speak.

    It's Steampunk/Magical/Fantasy/Action/Romance, it's set in a steampunk styled fictional World, so the artist has quite some room to be creative on, even though i have a few ideas as to how i would like the World settings to look.
    I've seen a few animes now and played a few games where they mix technology with magic, and that originally sparked my idea for a small story that later then evolved to something bigger as i kept writing.
    The settings when it comes to magic, is pretty much old school wizards/sorcerers (based on D&D styled spell schools). Such as Enchanters, Necromancers, Conjurers, Illusionists, etc. but with a slight change though to make them less boring in non-D&D settings.

    If you're interested you can either message me on here or mail me on If you have any drawings to show forth, i would gladly appreciate links and such so i can see your style.
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