I'm currently working an a dojinshi with a fellow artist with plans to make it into a successful manga and currently there's two chapters that are published, and 12 that have been written. I'm currently looking for more artists. as well as a co writer to assist me. If there's anyone that could help me, please contact me.

Genre(s) you write: Action, Adventure, Suspense, Comedy

Title of the manga you want to work on: Legend Of A Zaterrian Hero

Brief summary: Alexander, a prince and heir of the Zaterrian throne, has always been faithful to his planet and all of its citizens. But what happens when all of that is taken away from his eyes and he is left with nothing as a result of planet being invaded, Follow his tale and see what challenges he has to face.

What you're looking for in an artist: someone with good drawing skills and able to meet deadlines, as well as collaboration with writer and artist
How often you're available: Availiable 24/7

Other info: None at the Moment, Please PM me for further Info