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Thread: Writer looking to work under an artist or manga group

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    Writer looking to work under an artist or manga group

    Hey there I'd like to tell you something about myself...

    Here's my stories!
    ( )
    I know it's not much but I put my hard work into it! (College work be damned)


    First of all, English is not my native Language, but some say I write better than the average American. I've been writing since my first year in High School, and the reason of me writing is kinda deep, but ya have to earn that explanation

    My favorite manga group is: Clamp
    Favorite Writer is: Nanase Ohkawa

    Anyway, I've always dreamed of being part of a manga group. I watch Anime with a Passion, and also read manga. I usually get my inspiration in Anime, it might sound kinda lame but I watch Anime for the plot (No not the plot that bounces around defying physics) as in I watch Anime and pay close attention to the story, looking for good points, and bad ones, plot holes and even that tiny thing writers leave behind in their stories.

    So I'm looking for an Artist to pair with, or a group to join in. I have no experience on being in a group or pair, but I'm willing to learn.
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