I've seen plenty of posts voicing disappointment with the 4th ninja war and infinite tsukiyomi arcs, but I can't be the only one that thinks the fight scenes and styles have become really prosaic and unimaginative. Not just for the reason that it's all boiled down to Senju/Uchiha/SoT6P/Sharinnegan etc, but because Kishi isn't even doing anything interesting WITH these overpowered techniques. If anything they're compensating for the lack of thought that's going into the fights, which was always something that stood out about Naruto was its author's cleverness.

Yes, he's been at it for a long time and everyone runs out of ideas eventually, but the least he could do is not have the final cast suffer from 'selective jutsu amnesia' which has been rife throughout these last two arcs. It really annoys me to see a character use an awesome or effective jutsu just once, ignoring future occasions when it could be implemented to great effect. Why did Madara never use his meteor jutsu again? Why doesn't Sasuke use ANY of the other standard Rinnegan techniques? Why does Kaguya waste chakra shifting dimensions only to fight with taijutsu and simple bone spear attacks? Why doesn't she use mokuton either when it's supposedly so powerful?

Sometimes we see the odd gem of creativity like Madara/Sasuke coating the Kyuubi with Susanoo, but considering the diverse range of powers some of these characters have their attacks are awfully one-dimensional.