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Thread: 87 Clockers

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    87 Clockers

    Title: 87 Clockers
    Type: Manga
    Associated title(s): エイティセブン・クロッカーズ, 87超频者, 87Clockers
    Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice Of Life
    Author(s): Ninomiya Tomoko
    Artist(s): Ninomiya Tomoko
    Publisher: Shueisha; serialized in Jump Kai.
    Start Date and End: 2011; as of 8/7/2014, it is ongoing.
    Chapters read at the time of review: 17
    Additional Notes:
    Many are familiar with Ninomiya Tomoko through her work Nodame Cantabile which has spawn both anime and live-action dramas.

    Thanks Baka-Updates for the information!

    Short Summary:
    Single guy Kanade is a musical student who is about to graduate. Unlike his peers, Kanade doesn't have any ideas on what to do after he completes his academic musical studies. The rest of his peers are either heading to a different part of the world to further their progress as a musician, joining a musical group or have a non-musical aspiration in which to achieve. So, what can instill a passion into a man that can give him the driving force to overcome his mundane destiny? Rather than what, it might be a who. As fate would have it, Kanade becomes involved with a strange beauty who was standing outside in the cold barefoot on his way home from a mixer. Not being able to tolerate her harsh treatment from Mike, Kanade wants to steal her away. Sadly, these type of beautiful women are only attracted to alpha males. Kanade firmly resolves to displace Mike and win the affections of his new found love interest!

    The art assets are very similar to Nodame Cantabile. Simple art unless where it needs specific details such as the computer motherboard, instruments, clothing, and etc. This is the world that Ninomiya-san has created for the audience. I might say that is is well balanced or fair in regard to the presentation.

    A renowned overclocker (OC) in the computer overclocking scene. Mike lives only to maintain overclocking superiority. He might give off an air of arrogance but Mike is super focused on overclocking. His mantra when not overclocking a computer is to "overclock the human too."

    Nakamura Hana
    Mike's assistant. She's clumsy but she knows her stuff. Whenever she does something stupid, she would go stand outside of Mike's apartment. She is currently employed at a pineapple factory and does the work of two people.

    Ichinose Kanade
    He was trained classically as a violin player, but Kanade doesn't have any aspiration to do anything except learn music. On his way back home from a mixer (social hook-up party), Kanade saw Hana standing outside barefoot. He enters the overclocking world from the desire to free Hana from Mike's "domestic violence."

    A very pretty overclocker and a very strong,competitive gamer. She works at Roppongi Memory. Don't be deceived. It's not a computer parts store specializing in computer memory but a cabaret club. She is all about air-cooling.

    87 Clockers is an interesting take on actual overclocking. The way overclocking is present in this manga is similar to real world overclocking. There are many considerations that has to be taken into such as stock components versus enthusiasts products, air-cooled versus liquid cooling, motherboards, capacitor type and quality, wattage requirements, memory speed and CAS ratings and etc. Luck also plays a role as at times, conditions will be right to make a better performing batch than other batches of the same product line. As one could see, there's a lot of considerations that has to be taken in especially when overclocking. Overclocking video cards and processors has become easier

    The side that is portrayed in 87 Clockers is the competitive side where there are different categories rather than the overclocking for personal use. Performance overclocking in the real world revolves around competitions such as 3DMark, Super Pi, FLOPS, CPU-Z and others. Each of these competition aims to test performance under real world performance by stressing the computer under 3D applications such as video games, benchmarking software that determines synthetic or generic performance, computation power of the CPU, GPU or both or the highest sustainable clock rate without crashing the system.

    What is portrayed in 87 Clockers is a range of competition that measures different things such as computational power such as calculating pi, generic computer performance through 3D Runaway Cat and real-world overclocking through the game competitions by trying to clear several stages of a game while maintaining the highest frames per second (FPS).

    I recommend 87 Clockers to anyone that has an interest in computer technologies, enjoy Ninomiya Tomoko's works, enjoys humor and the above combination of genres.

    Spoiler: Scenes from Chapter One show
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