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Title: Mayonaka no X Giten (真夜中のX儀典)

Author: YAMAGUCHI Mikoto (山口ミコト)

Sources : http://tgmangas.xeraweb.com/forum/in...c=2604&p=25686

From Dengeki Maoh Blog (http://maoh.dengeki....g/archives/4882)

Now on sale! The new serialization starting with Dengeki Maoh June issue - Mayonaka no X Giten (Midnight Cross Method) Introduction time!

This work features the latest work from Yamaguchi Mikoto, popular for works in 4 magazines (Besatsu Magazine's Tomodachi Game, etc.) and illustrated by the spirited Bareisho-sensei.
Looking for a new challenge in Maoh magazine, strong suspense is the primary genre of the thrilling contents of this just released first chapter.

First we have the catchy opening page!
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We'd love for you to read the first chapter in the currently released Dengenki Maoh, but here is a bit of an introduction to the story.

-- Summary --
Hiroki has a NEET Shut-in for an older sister, which leads him to always think "It's better to be a girl!"
While taking care of his lazy self-centered sister Yui, he has finally had enough of her behaviour, and snaps at her.
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Griping about his sister, Hiroki mutters "I wish we weren't related", and accesses a mysterious website address.

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Skeptical, Hiroki winds up in the body of popular idol Mikuriya Mikuni.
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Having had his fill of Idol Private Time, Hiroki looks to return to his real body, when someone in his vacated body tells him Something Outrageous had just happened...!!
To find out what, read more in Dengeki Maoh's June issue!

-- Dramatis Personae --

Kamiya Hiroki
-- Suspect of a Certain "Incident"...?
High School student with a NEET for an older sister. Tired of her lazy lifestyle, while scorning her, he accesses a suspicious website.
He enters an idol's body and is enjoying himself, when...?

Kamiya Yui
-- Carefree and Lazy Person
Absentmindedly baring her outrageously plump body, she often makes her younger brother blush.

Mikuriya Mikuni
-- An Idol With A Secret
A member of the idol group BKR48, based out of Ikebukuro.
Proud of being a very popular top idol, it seems she has a very big secret.
Hiroki spent 2 hours in her body.

What happened to Hiroki's body during during the incident? And what is the idol Mikuni's big secret?
Be witness to the suspense as these mysteries pile up!
Raws : http://maoh.dengeki.com/try/crossmethod/index.html