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Thread: Running, jogging, or sprinting thread

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    One Piece Running, jogging, or sprinting thread

    I am 24 and I currently run about 4.5 - 5 miles a day or at least 5k if I feel tired. I am training for a half marathon and eventually would like to do a marathon. First though, I still need to do a 10k race. I don't expect to finish all that well my first time around but that's why I train. My best 5k time is 21 minutes on 2.5 incline. Idk what it'd be without incline because I never run without an incline.

    So anyone here run regularly? What brand of shoes do you prefer? How far do you run? Treadmill or mother nature? What's your workout regimen? Best times for 5k? 10? Marathon? Etc.

    If you are not a runner and would like to get into it, you may ask for tips here or just pm me. I am no professional but I was very overweight once and I just researched answers and now I am much more cardiovascularly fit than the average person so I know at least something about the topic. I will try my best to help if you require it.
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    Re: Running, jogging, or sprinting thread

    Popular topic I see

    Well I run... probably one of my favorite things to do. I love the feeling of exhaustion after a big run or race, and it certainly helps keep one in shape! And allows me to drink a lot more beer

    Quote Originally Posted by TitaniumOxide View Post
    So anyone here run regularly? What brand of shoes do you prefer? How far do you run? Treadmill or mother nature? What's your workout regimen? Best times for 5k? 10? Marathon? Etc.
    Brand of shoes? None preferably, I actually run barefoot, or at least I started doing that a few years ago (in the winter below about 20ºF I wear SoftStar Dash shoes, very minimal and a small american family business). I find it very fun to be barefoot! How far? Depends on my schedule, some weeks I'm lucky to get a single run in so less than 10 miles. Typical week probably in the 25 mile - 40 km range, while a really high mileage week for me may be closer to 50 miles - 80km. Mother nature always.

    Current best times:
    5k - 17:xx (high school, before getting really out of shape in my 20's)

    as an adult, and all barefoot:
    5k - 19:26
    10k - 40:36
    13.1 - 1:38:29
    26.2 - 3:48:58

    My longest run remains a marathon, 26.2 miles, though I hope to try an ultra marathon in the near future.

    From my last race, an 18 miler a few weeks ago:
    Spoiler show

    Happy running!
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