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Product 4X: The origins of Maya plot:

In a well known place called planet earth, people all over the world practice the ancient martial arts technique known as “summoning”. When a fighter summons the power of a hybrid's spirit, they gain its skills which are added to their own for fighting. Once a hybrid spirit is contained by the summoner, they are stored in tiny orbs to be used in combat at any given time. Many believe this form of fighting does not make a true martial artist, but once a person is able to harness the power of every hybrid element as well as their own hidden power, they'd have the strength to be named the greatest fighter on earth. Several people test their strength by trying out at annual Tournaments held for skilled fighters. The top ranked fighters will have a spot in the martial arts hall of fame, and will be treated with luxury for the rest of their lives.

In the village of Ethika, there was a myth of the three hidden elements hiding deep inside the caves of welders wood. Many men have tried to find it, but ended up losing their lives to the many surprises hidden deep inside the caves.

14 year old, Erena and 15 year old Ryuu, band together to find the three sacred elements, to become the strongest fighters on Earth. But while traveling deep in the heart of the caves they find a small child who possesses great strength.

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