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Thread: Need help from someone living in Japan

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    Need help from someone living in Japan

    One of my friends that I used to know (she died unfortunately) was from Japan and had these invigorating and refreshing eye drops. I used them when my eyes were tired after staring at a computer screen or on long driving trips. After some research I found a brand called Rohto. I believe this was the same brand that she had since the containers are the same, but the color was black. I went to and purchased the strongest version (Rohto Ice) and it was weak. I called the company and found out that the U.S. version is significantly weaker due to different regulations. I wanted to know which kind in Japan is used to "wake up" your eyes when they are tired?

    Here's one website that I found from the Rohto company in Japan:

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you,


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    Re: Need help from someone living in Japan

    Hmm well I checked at the "rakuten" site and it has these for eye drops

    This being the only one that is in a black case.

    If you want more info about any of the brands let me know :3
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