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Thread: Archaic style of speech

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    Translator 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member
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    Archaic style of speech

    Thanks for the invitation, njt,
    I am freezing up in front of awesome translators.
    よろしくお願いしまっす!お世話になります!I am traslating Mr fullswing for KO scans,
    I am at a loss what I should do with this,

    One character from fullswing uses this kind of archaic speech style, which would be expected to be seen in jidaigeki とか. I know authors applies this kind of speech to characters who loves to wear kimono or things from old era, like heian, to add some mysterious touch, or in Habigami-san's case, it does the trick of making him come across as a man with 貫禄。
    He is always carrying sotoba 卒塔婆with him and he uses this wooden bat with buddism chants are inscribed. The other baseball kids do respect him, but at the same time they are scared of his being completly unique, especially his deed of inscribing Buddism chants on his Bat. And the author admits that he is completely out of place, the last man who you would expect to see out in the field( 出る漫画間違えていらっしゃいませんか、貴方?完全に野球やる人の顔していませんね ってコメントしてらっしゃいます。)
    well why not, we see the similar species in eyeshield21

    I'm wondering what would be the best way to translate his speech:
    here are some examples:
    ・・・うむ 少々驚いた。まだ荒削りながら久しく見かけぬ情熱を秘めた球よな・・
    むう・・・我も修行中の身 精進あるのみ
    乙女心摩訶不思議也・・・感謝いたす(receiving some chocolate from fans. lol)

    This speech is not that kind of "real" Japanese classic literature from 1000 years ago, e.g. 清少納言’s 源氏物語and that sort Japanese high school kids learn, which are all Greek to them at first.
    So Hebigami's speech is understandable to them, but still,as you see, this speech makes him stand out, he sounds like somone from another era.
    Other translator suggested that we should make sure to make him sound humble and solemn, that we souldn't use "thee,thy" thingy, and also use special font, but I am wondering that really covers.

    Would you give us some advice?
    Have you already bumped into this kind? If so, how did you deal with them?
    Thanks in advance

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    Translator 中級員 / Chuukyuuin / Member Pazuzu's Avatar
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    Re: Archaic style of speech

    My instinct would be to do what the translators did with Piros in the .hack games.

    "Piros the Silver White is here! May the stars shine until the end of your journey!"

    and so on. Lines with a medieval feel, but not actually written in Middle English.

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    Translator 下級員 / Kakyuuin / Jr. Member
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    Jun 2006
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    Re: Archaic style of speech

    Thanks .
    I guess my sidekick will put my translation into Englsh with a medival feel wow.

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