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Thread: HexaDragon

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    "It was a cold winter night...... A spider was on the wall, the TV up full volume, my sister sleeping"

    "I sat up to turn off the TV, only three days till Christmas"

    "My name, Ryo and here is my story of how I gained my powers, and what happened after I did"

    Chapter 1 - The Shocking Sword!

    Ryo wakes up at 07:00 a.m.
    He puts a jumper on.

    Ryo's Sister:"Ryo!! Breakfast!!"
    Ryo:"Im coming!"
    Ryo's Sister:"Well hurry up!"

    Ryo walks down the stairs.

    Ryo:"What's for Breakfast"
    Ryo's Sister:"Just Sausages"
    Ryo:"Dammit Yuuk, thats the third time this week!"
    Yuuk:Well since you got fired from work, this is all I can get from my Summer Job"
    Ryo:"Ugh, fine I'll get another job"

    There's a knock on the door.

    Yuuk:"I'll get it"
    *Opens dorr*
    Yuuk:"Oh hi Mash!"
    Mash:"Hey is your brother here?"
    Yuuk:"Yup, RYO MASH IS HERE!"
    Ryo:"Hey Mash you ready?"
    Mash:"Yeah lets go"

    Ryo and Mash walk to school, when they hear a girl screaming and a dog Barking.

    Mash:"Wh... what the hell was that?"
    Ryo:"Let's go check it out"
    *They run to the scene*
    Reia:"A... a giant spider just took my dog Rex!"
    Ryo:"Shit, a Giant spider!"
    Reia:"Please find him!"
    Mash:"Don't worry we will, lets go Ryo!"

    The two Run as Reia sobs in the allyway, a man stands in front of her.


    Ryo and Mash notice the spider on top of the roof of there school.

    Ryo:"Up there!"
    Mash:"We have to hurry"
    *The two enter the school and run to the roof*
    Mash:"Hey Spider-Bitch"
    Ryo:"How do we get the Dog?"
    Mash:"I don't know!"
    ???:"Hey kids...."
    *Ryo and Mash look behined them*
    Mash:"Old Man Fern"
    Fern:"Hmm, as you know I am a strong fighter of out town"
    Mash:"Are you gunna help us?"
    Fern:"No, Ryo here can handle it"
    Ryo:"Me, but how"
    Fern:"This sword is from God himself"
    *As fern hands him the sword, a powerful shock travels through Ryo's body*
    *Ryo moves quickly and strikes the Spider, dropping the dog Mash grabs him*
    Fern:"Exelent work, now kill it and save Reia, because she's in danger"
    Mash:"How do you know all this?"
    Fern:"Thats for me to know and you to find out"

    To Be Continued......

    At the end of each chapter I will add character profiles of each new character appearences in the chapter here are the first few:

    Name: Ryo
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Name: Yuuk
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female

    Name: Mash
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Name: Reia
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female

    Name: Fern
    Age: 81
    Gender: Male

    This is going to be a proper manga soon, so there may be pictures soon

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    Re: Original Manga - HexaDragon

    Good luck!!

    The script sounds good, but if you haven't started working on the drawing, I suggest you make Ryo or others to have an injury to add a suspense to the scene. Plus... winter? Hmmm... it must be a very furry spider to be around during winter.(lol)

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