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Thread: Any writers out there looking for a doujinshi artist?

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    Any writers out there looking for a doujinshi artist?


    I am an abandoned little doujinka with a pencil in my hand and a stack of paper on my desk but no ideas on what to to draw. ;o;

    Now that it’s finally summer break and I have nothing to do but work and draw, I suffer the curse of an urge to draw a manga but an empty brain~~ All my doujin writers I’ve worked with in the past are busy and I don’t blame them if they don’t have time but I am eager to make a new doujin and no one wants to right now. *sadtear*

    S-soooo, what this all comes down to is.... anyone want to collaborate on a short-ish doujinshi/manga with me? I’m talking 20-40 pages at most ‘Cause that’s my manga-drawing attention-span limit, apparently, and if we get along well, of course we can always make more. ^o^ The person I am looking for must not be interested in gaining anything like money for this. It’s too complicated if we do that, unless we live in the same area and can actually meet and sell at cons together and stuff, so it’d only be for fun! But we can post it online, to share it with others!

    I’m not THAT picky of what series we do, it can even be an original provided that it’s short and the story is captivating enough! (And maybe if I can add in some of my own characters!) So, YEAH. Series that I like and know pretty well: BLEACH (gya, it’s def. my favorite and my first choice for drawing), KHR, Gintama, One Piece, Death Note... Shonen-ish stuff along those lines.

    As for the genre of the manga, I prefer characters acting like how they’re supposed to (so not really interested in romance/yaoi/etc, unless it’s canon of course) or extreme angsty drama (too boring), but other than that, I’m wide open! I’m well over 18+, so mature themes don’t bother me at all! As a somewhat sidenote, I’d also ideally like you, the writer, to be over 18... I dunno, personal preference I guess, but it seems strange for me, at 22 yrs, to be working with someone younger than my youngest siblings... then again, same goes for if you’re super old.... but that’s pretty rare!

    Your Qualifications!

    - Must be an awesomely knowledgeable fan of the series and be up to date with the latest manga chapters.
    - Over 18 years old
    - NOT be busy, please be excited and devoted about working on it and don’t abandon the project!
    - You should have MSN or something so we can talk to each other and stuff~
    - Have an idea for a comic, or a previously written script/fanfiction you’d like to see drawn.

    MY Qualifications!

    - Art samples~
    * Illustrations/Fanart:
    * Previous Comics: (Original) (Bleach fancomic)

    And there it all is! If you think you have what it takes (basically, that just means you’ll stick with it), I’d love to work with you and get to know you~! Please send me an email at with some samples of other writings if you have them, your MSN, and... just tell me about yourself and your favorite mangas and all your ideas! ;D


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    Re: Any writers out there looking for a doujinshi artist?

    Aweeeeeee well i dont qualify for the project but I just wanted to say you are a awesome artist and I look forward to reading whatever you create

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