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Thread: Raki's armor.

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    Re: Raki's armor.

    Quote Originally Posted by kat_at_heart View Post
    I think it could be possible that his armour is alive or has yoki embedded into it, as we have seen with Dauf. Though it seems a lot simpler for it to be just a telescopic device, nothing more nothing less.
    i agree, some people are just dumb, he had been traveling all around and fought tons of yuma, its just regular leet armour and people think he is part abysal now.

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    Re: Raki's armor.

    while it most likely isn't significant, it is interesting.

    i haven't read any of the posts for this thread, but i got a few comments to make, hopefully they might be new ideas (but probably not):

    1. Rabona sword from Galk/Cid

    Raki is actually using this sword against Ophelia's Organization's claymore sword, and it doesn't break!

    does this mean that Rabona's metalurgy produces a sword equal to the indestructible/unbreakable Organization's claymore swords ???

    2. (presumably) Organization's claymore sword from isley

    while i'm not certain about this, maybe someone can affirm/defirm this for me.

    i think raki lost his Rabona sword, when he held onto Clare and she ran them away from Ophelia. I don't remember him having a sword after wards.... or did the boy and girl (young dietrich?) with the twin godesses of love statues, tell clare he did have a sword?

    oh well, i'm really confused, if raki held onto his rabona sword or lost it.

    then, i can't remember if isley gave raki a new sword, or merely took raki's sword and swung it around, then tossed it back to raki.

    meh, if anyone has a clear memory of these scenes or is willing to go back and look, i'd be appreciative if anyone could clear all this up.

    3. armor.

    raki could have gotten this anywhere.

    he could have gotten armor from isley when they finally parted, but while raki with traveling with isley, i'm sure he never had any armor.

    raki (and priscila?!) did visit rabona, so galk/cid could have given him his armor and maybe another sword from there too...


    priscilla in rabona..... lol.... never thought or realized this.... and... Galatea never noticed.... ???? or did galatea arrive in rabona long after raki and priscilla left... ???


    this is really fascinating... have to think a lot about this and do some research! lol...

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