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Thread: NCIS Thread

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    NCIS Thread


    Feel free to ask questions about us and our many projects here.

    We started May 17th of 2007, think that's the exact date. Our team is pretty small, with about fifteen team members. Our projects are:

    Addicted to Curry
    Faerial Garden
    Kami no Shizuku
    Kamen Teacher (Joint with Illuminati-Manga)
    Koukou Debut
    Nana to Kaoru
    Nodame Cantabile
    Nousatsu Rock Shounen
    Shion no Ou
    Toshiue no Hito
    Yamada Tarou

    We hope you enjoy our releases. Come visit us at #ncis (irchighway) or

    I'm lazy so I pretty much copied Illuminati-Manga post.
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    I like pie.

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    Re: NCIS Thread

    Ahoy, ahoy..!

    Doomo Arigato Goseimasu on Nodame Cantabile and Kami no Shizuku. Just read that later one and love it. Good taste all of you! I'm really gonna see to other projects as well.

    However, both Nodame and Kami no Shizuku look like they have difficult passages for translating, no? X) Lots of kudos to you guys.

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